Reduce Missed Revenue and

Lost Opportunities

Get the time, date, and duration of each call and follow up to increase patient retention.

A Single Patient is Worth a Thousand Dollars


Missed Calls = Missed Revenue

As per the statistics, small businesses miss on average 4-5 calls per day

  • A missed call each time turns into a pile of lost revenue
  • Never miss a call again by following up on missed calls
  • Track down your lost opportunities and increase your revenue potential.

Dental Call History Benefits

Track Your Call History

Our call history system lets you analyze phone activity metrics, demonstrating how many calls are answered and missed. You can either follow through missed calls or use filters to find the call history of specific patients and call them first.

Create a Track Record of Success

The call history allows you to prioritize which patient to call first and when to call others later. This breakdown helps your dental practice run successfully by leaving a good impression on new patients while retaining existing ones.

Improve Customer Service

Your customer service automatically improves when you become more responsive to your patients’ concerns by calling them on time. It will also refill the hidden profit holes in your practice.

Our app connects all patient interactions to meet your patients’ needs, finish more tasks, and find more opportunities

Cebod Telecom’s practice management dental app gives the green light to your dental practice—turning maximum new patients’ calls into confirmed appointments while giving them a remarkable customer experience.

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