Practice Management Software Integration

  • Free up your staff
  • Reduce No Shows
  • Increase Revenue

One Stop Shop for Dental Practices


Grow your practice with filling schedules and improving relationships.


Use desktop and mobile phones to manage dental clinic business smartly.


Improve business efficiency with notifications.

 Smarter Call Pop Up


Whenever one of your patients calls your practice, our dental app will automatically pull information from your practice management software.


If this is an existing patient, the dental app will automatically bring up all of their information.


Always know who you are talking to, their last appointment details, family history, balance and much more.

Appointment Scheduling


Make scheduling that next appointment easy


For example, if your patient has two dental checkups every year, you can set a reminder to be sent to the patient to schedule an appointment twice per year


Patients that may require more appointments, you can personalize this reminder system

Managing Call History


Access full call history


Scroll through the calls and see the times, dates, and durations for each call


Take advantage of call filtering to find specific calls from patients, or to pick out those pesky missed calls


Easy for your practice to formulate a plan to improve their communication skills and ensure that patients are given the best dental care

dental office phone system

Appointment Reminder


Stop wasting your time reminding patients of their appointments and getting them to confirm them


Cebod Telecom Dental App Appointment Reminder feature automatically sends out SMS messages to the patient’s phone asking them to confirm by simply replying.


See the status of appointments and whether they’ve been confirmed with a single glance at your dashboard

Birthday Wishes

Show You Care! Wish Your Patients a Happy Birthday

Send happy birthday messages to your patients and tell them how you remembered them on their big day.

Inspire them to tell others how you make an effort to take good care of them.

Two Way Texting

Enhance Patient Communication with Two-Way Texting

Send and receive short messages via two-way texting. Quickly answer questions concerning various phases of a patient care journey with a simple text exchange. Make patients more responsive to your inquiries and improve their communication skills.

Google review

Collect More Google Reviews. Improve Your Online Reputation. Attract New Patients.

Potential patients choose a dentist based on the number of positive reviews and star ratings.

Increase your positive Google reviews with our automated system.

Requests for reviews from your patients in real-time and invites them to write reviews directly on Google


Always know who you are talking to, their past and future appointments, family history, and the amount due
Spend less time at the front desk and more time doing what you do best
Grow your practice with filling schedules and improving relationships
Use the single platform to grow your practice, attract new patients and communicate effectively with existing patients.

Recall Reminders

Bring Your Patients Back with Recall

Once the patients step out of your office, they often forget to come back. Automated recall reminders send them texts or emails to remind them of their overdue appointments with your practice.

Turn One Time Patients into Loyal Customers

  • Recall reminders bring patients back to your practice for routine dental check-ups.
  • Recall reports show how many patients have scheduled their next appointments and how many are due.
  • Directly call your due patients from the app and pursue them to schedule their next appointment.
Dental practices have turned out not-so-effective when manpower handling all the office operations. Thus, the practice management software’s these days are preparing with all-inclusive systems. Present day practice management software fulfils all the needs of an organizations and coordinate with different departments and clients to deliver ultimate therapeutic. Checkout below infographic to know about all the essential features:

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