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Our SMS features allows you to have access to unlimited outbound and inbound text messages.

Voicemail To Email

Voicemail To Email

Receive voicemail to any of your email account. Stay connected with your business on the go.

Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant

Get a professional image for your office. Automatic greeting helps the callers choose specific person or department they are trying to reach.

Call Queue

Call Queue

Ability to put the incoming calls in a queue to be responded by the next available company represntative. No incoming call is ever missed.

Cebod Telecom App

Cebod Telecom App

Stay connected with your office, employees, customers directly using the App in your mobile phone.

Custom Greetings

Custom Greetings

Choose the default business phone system greeting or customize your office phone with personal greetings, messages, music or information.

Why Choose Cebod Telecom for Small Business Phone Systems


Cost Effective

Our services are ideal for small businesses. Stay connected to your clients and customers with our affordably priced services.


Save on your VOIP services without sacrificing reliability, with our services.


As your business grows, we grow with it. Add new phone lines, phones, and services whenever you like. 

Display Office Phone Number

Place a phone call from any device and it can display as your office phone number.


Send and receive SMS and media files to stay-in touch with clients and staff


Regardless of where you happen to be and regardless of where your customers happen to be, stay in contact with them through a series of unified communications systems.

Local Phone Number

Guaranteed low per minute rate that stays low always. We don’t penalize businesses for using more or less number of minutes. One Free toll free number or local number for each phone line.

No New Hardware

Phone System is hosted in the cloud, and don’t require installing any expensive equipment on your part. No hassle about having a burden of upgrades and upkeep.

Online Web Portal

Manage phone system settings for one or multiple offices online under a single account, making it the most affordable internet phone system that can completely turn your business around.

Plans and Pricing

Pay for certain number of phone lines required, not for every user in the company. Receive premium features with every phone plan and support for one or multiple business locations.

What We Do Best

Some of the testimonials which can help you understand our commitment to our customers.

We had never before experienced such a service. We are now on a yearly contract and will renew our commitment for a longer period when current contract expires. CEBOD is a trusted and valued partner providing us with exceptional service at an unbeatable price point.

Christopher R. Blair Laing

President, Group One Northwest, Inc.

I’ve been using this phone company for about 2 years and it has been working out great. All the same functions as your local phone service provider but at the fraction of the cost. As a business owner this helps a lot especially when you are starting a new business. Customer support is key and they have been there promptly to help when needed. I would highly recommend CEBOD Telecom Services!!!!

Dr. Harvey Lee

Owner, Little Smiles of OC

CEBOD Telecom, offered complete solution for our phone system, at a competitive price. For less than the price that we were paying just for the local phone service, they offered us with a full-hosted PBX plus phone service. Thank you Cebod Telecom for excellent phone service and support at every step.

Sameer Sharma

S. Sharma Tax, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tired of paying per phone line? Does your business need unified communications but can’t find the right answer?Our low cost phone service for with all basic and advanced features is the answer.

What is a cloud phone service?

A cloud VOIP Phone Service, as its name suggests, is an internet hosted in the cloud. No, it’s not high above the skies, but being ‘in the cloud’ means the service is located in secure servers maintained by Cebod Telecom and accessible through the internet.

What kind of internet is needed for using small business phone system?
Our phone service works with any strong bandwidth internet connection. Along with this phone service for small to mid- size companies, we also provide internet services throughout the USA. You can use your existing internet service to use with Cebod Telecom office business phone service.
How much does it cost to get all hosted PBX features?
We offer all basic and premium features for every new phone service line purchased with us. There is no hidden fee or extra cost for additional features or upgrades ever. You only pay for the business phone service lines and the rest all comes with it, irrespective of number of phone lines bought.
Why is your small business phone system cheaper than others?

We have cut out the middleman and are sharing the profits with you, by providing cheap phone service with high call quality. Our sister company, DIDFORSALE provides sip trunking and local/toll free numbers to other wholesale dealers and companies. We thrive to provide the cheap business phone service cost for small businesses, without ever comprising on quality.

When can I start using small business phone service?
Once online registration process is completed, your account and phone number are activated immediately and you can start using the new small business phone service. The phones are shipped to you same day using ground shipping. You can decide to pay extra to expedite delivery of phones overnight.
Need a reliable business phone system for multiple offices?

Our office phone system is right for you! Your clients will call one desired local or toll free phone number to reach your business and can be directed to sales team in Los Angeles, support in New York or after hours calls in India. Manage all phone lines under one online account and one invoice .

Does subscribing to Cebod Telecom small business phone service require changing phone numbers?

No! You are not required to change existing phone numbers. We can port your existing toll-free or
local phone numbersfrom another service provider to Cebod Telecom, free of charge without any delay or downtime.

How Many Phones Do I Need for My Small Business?
Consider how many employees are handling calls simultaneously at a time. In best situation, each employee should have one phone assigned to them. Plus, it’s so easy to scale, so you can order more handsets at any time.
What is the Best VoIP Phone for My Small Business?
That depends on the needs of your small business. The beauty of Cebod Telecom VoIP phone service is you that only pay for the phone lines you need. Think about your customer base and what they expect from you and choose desktop or cordless handdsets from Yealink, Grandstream or Cisco.
Can I Send SMS from My Business Phone Number?
Yes, you can! We allows you to work with calls, SMS messages, and even faxes. And you can send and receive SMS using Desktop App or Mobile App wherever there’s a working Internet connection.
Can I Keep My Existing Small Business Phone Number?
If you want to keep your existing number, we can port it in for free. You also have the option of choosing a new number, as well.
How Can I Get a Toll-Free Number?

A toll-free number will give you the opportunity to allow customers to call you for free. These numbers are also highly customizable. We provider one free toll free number or local phone number with purchase of a phone line. More numbers or a vanity number can be bought at a small price.

Is there Any Hardware Involved?

Traditional phone lines typically require you to lay cables. They’re not easily scalable and there’s a lot of work involved to install a new phone line. VoIP doesn’t require any sort of new hardware at all. You just need a robust internet connection and plug in pre-configured VOIP phones. You can control your VoIP service through a centralized web portal on your desktop.

What about Training Programs for Employees?
We send handsets pre-configured according to your needs, so you don’t need to worry about setting anything up. Regarding training, your employees can either learn through the guides sent out to you or they can speak to our customer support team directly. We offer dedicated online training programs for employees.

Pay per line, not per user

What once cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to set up and run, now costs a fraction of the price thanks to our full-featured phone system. Regardless of the size of your startup or small business, your business can rely on our convenient full-featured phone system service. Never worry about not having an IT department or outsourcing your needs. Our phone solutions are easy to set up and use.  Enjoy quality phone service through us.


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