Smart VOIP Phone System for Dental Office

Leverage Your Office with Cebod Telecom’s VOIP Phone Service

Stress Free Phone Service

$25/month phone line with unlimited user extensions and free VOIP phone

Cebod Telecom’s  Multi-Line Phone System comes with all Advanced features at no extra cost

Traditional Fax & Internet Fax

Traditional fax machine along with paperless internet fax option

Custom Voicemail Greeting

Greet clients with personal greetings, messages, music or information

Rollover Calls

If the line is busy, then the call is automatically rolled over to the next line and hence forth


Access to unlimited outbound and inbound text messages

Call Block

Forward telemarketing and unwanted junk calls to a busy signal or voicemail

Dial by Name

Upon selection the caller is prompted to enter the name of person to be called

Voicemail to Email

Recorded voicemails can be sent to you via email

Call Logs

Easy tracking of incoming calls helps to follow-up with patients who don’t leave messages.

Unlimited Extensions

Add unlimited extensions  to very business phone line without paying any extra cost

Call Transfer

Transfer incoming calls with or without answering from your phone to another

Ring Groups

Distribute calls evenly among employees

Auto Attendant

Welcome patients with custom greetings, Prompt them to choose from different options without speaking with a receptionist

You focus on your Dental Practice

 We manage VOIP Phone System for your office.

  • Free Phones
  • Best plans and pricing 
  • Reliable, and Scalable Phone Service
  • All-inclusive 40 + Plus Features
  • Keep phone lines open all the times for the patient calls
  • 24/7 Support

Phone plans

Pay $100/m for 4 lines phone service with all-inclusive features and unlimited user extensions.


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Easy Maintenance

  •  Phone system is managed 24/7 by Cebod Telecom team.
  • Simple Web Portal- Add users extensions, new phone lines and set up phone settings.
  • Free automatic system upgrades.

Easy on Pocket

  • Cut monthly telecom expenses by up to 60%.
  • Unlimited US & Canada calling.
  • Easily manage multiple medical offices under one account and one invoice.
  • Unlimited Extensions / No per user charge.

Easy Call Management

  • Phone system integrates with CRM so that when patients call your office, their history, appointments, notes, and billing data appear on the assistant’s screen.
  • Receptionist can easily  forward, route or transfer phone calls even between multiple offices.
  • Time based routing can be used to transfer calls to a specific medical office or a phone number at a predetermined time.
  • HD Voice Quality and Music on Hold.

Keep your Existing Phone Number, Instant Activation, Get Pre-Configured Phones

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best price for your dental office phone service

 A multiple line VOIP phone service  

With ability to rollover calls for

100% patient customer service


office building

Feel of a larger medical practice, phones can ring simultaneously at office, residence, landline or cell phone.


No need for an IT staff to use phone system.


Miss no call, use Android and iPhone apps to make and receive calls when stepping out of the clinic.

Dental Office VOIP Phone System Faqs

What is time based routing?

Business Hours/ After Hours –This feature allows the dental assistant to route incomings calls based on the time/day of the week. For example, during business hours calls are routed to the dental office, and after hours to voicemail, cell phone or home number. Similarly, calls will be directed to dental office A on Monday /Wednesday and to dental office B on Thursday/Friday.

How is VoIP voice quality as compared to traditional telephone?

Cebod Telecom VOIP phone service voice quality is crystal clear. In most cases, quality depends upon the VOIP service and bandwidth of Internet connection.  

Can I keep same dental office phone number and use VoIP?

Yes, you can keep the same phone numbers and use VOIP phone service. Once the phone number is ported in, then you can call/receive phone calls and fax using VOIP.

How much does VOIP phone service for dental office cost?

The cost of VOIP phone system for dental office is related to number of phone lines purchased. We charge for every phone line purchased, irrespective of the number of users on each line. This sets us apart from our competitors who charge extra for every user or extension. Check plans and pricing for more information.

What is hunt groups?

This function allows you to hunt for a specific doctor or next available staff personal by routing incoming calls. For example, when a patient calls your dental office, if the phone line is busy, then the call is automatically transferred (rollover) to the next staff member. There are several other VOIP features which makes your dental office work seamlessly without paying any extra dime.
 phone service for dental office

Streamline your Office with VOIP Phone Service

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