3-Way Calling

Add or drop participant to a phone conversation.

3-Way Calling

3-way calling is a phone feature that allows you to add a third person to an existing phone call, creating a three-way conversation. This feature can be useful for a variety of situations, such as business conference calls, family discussions, or coordinating plans with friends.

To use 3-way calling, you typically start by calling the first person you want to speak with. Once you are connected, you can then place the first call on hold and call the second person. Finally, you can merge the two calls into a three-way conference call by pressing a button on your phone.

During a three-way call, all three parties can speak and hear each other, allowing for a collaborative or conversational exchange. Some phone systems may also include additional features, such as the ability to mute or un-mute individual callers, transfer calls to other parties, or record the conversation.

3-way calling is a standard feature on most modern phones and can be used with both landline and mobile phones. However, it is important to note that some mobile phone plans may charge an additional fee for using 3-way calling, so it is important to check with your phone provider to understand any potential costs.

3 Way Calling helps thrive your business.

Benefits of 3 way calling

Time saving

It saves time by allowing you to conference call with multiple people at once.

Cost Effective

It's cost effective, since you're only paying for one phone call.


It's convenient, since you can do it from anywhere that has an internet connection.


It's flexible, since you can add or remove people from the call at any time.

Easy to Use

It's easy to use, since all you need is a phone and an internet connection.


It's reliable, since VoIP calls are typically very clear and consistent.


It's scalable, so you can easily add more lines as your business grows.

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