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Use Business Phone Number for Business Texting

Business SMS (Short Message Service) is a feature that allows businesses to communicate with their customers through text messaging. With this feature, businesses can send and receive text messages to and from their customers using a dedicated phone number, email address, or messaging platform.

Business SMS can be a useful tool for businesses looking to improve communication and engagement with their customers. It can be used for a variety of purposes, such as sending appointment reminders, delivery notifications, promotional offers, customer service support, and more.

Some business SMS features also offer advanced capabilities such as automated messaging, two-way messaging, message templates, message scheduling, and message analytics. Automated messaging allows businesses to set up automated responses to specific keywords or phrases, while two-way messaging enables customers to reply to messages and engage in a conversation with the business.

Message templates can save time and ensure consistency by allowing businesses to create pre-written messages for common scenarios such as appointment confirmations or customer feedback requests. Message scheduling allows businesses to send messages at a specific time or date, while message analytics provide insights into message performance and engagement rates.

Cebod Telecom business phone service allows you to send and receive SMS/MMS on your business phone number, while keeping your personal number hidden. Use your business phone number to confirm appointments, send updates or communicate with colleagues. Business text messaging is free for every Cebod Telecom customer!

Business SMS helps thrive your business.

What Are Benefits of Business Texting?

Across Platform

Reliable way to send/ receive messages across platforms such as phone, tablet, and PC.

Appointment Confirmations

Send quick text confirmations to remind clients for upcoming appointments.

Multi Media Messages

Visually communicate with your customers through business picture messages.

Customer Support

Provide reliable and fast customer service through business SMS.

Stay Connected

Respond to missed calls easily when you’re out of office or in a meeting.

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