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Call Block

Dealing with unwanted phone calls during your workday creates a drag in your productivity levels, that’s why we’ve included in our VoIP phone service the option to block the calls that keep you from the important aspects of your business.

  •  Reduce the amount of telemarketing calls you receive
  •  Prevent nuisance callers from interrupting your day
  • Forward telemarketing unwanted junk calls to a busy signal or voicemail
  • Filter and choose you can reach you by blocking useless phone numbers
  • A great feature to prevent unwanted calls and spam messages

Take Back Your Workday

Whether it’s a specific phone number, an entire area code, or a host of unlisted phone numbers in which you receive unnecessary or interruptive calls, you can program your Cebod Telecom phone system to permanently block such numbers from ever reaching you again.

  • Anonymous Call Rejection- Any inbound call that does not allow your caller ID to identify it is automatically rejected from being connected to your phone line. Stop incoming calls that list themselves as ANONYMOUS or PRIVATE on your caller ID. If a caller wants to get through to you, they must call from a phone number that can easily be identified by our system.
  • Call Rejection- Have a number that keeps calling you at unwanted times of the day or that you find a nuisance? With Call Rejection, you can block any number you want. All you need to do is program your account with a list of numbers you wish it to automatically reject. Our system takes care of the rest by immediately informing the person on the inbound call that you are not accepting their phone call. Calls that are not entered on your rejection list will connect to you as usual. Call Rejection allows you to block unlimited phone numbers, and you can always remove a blocked number from your rejection list if needed.
  • Courtesy Response-Both the Anonymous Call Rejection and Call Rejection program provide a default message recording that informs each caller why their phone call is not being connected to your number. Thus, making them have to call from an identifying number or preventing future unwanted calls.

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Bringing You Peace of Mind

Never deal with an unwanted phone call again with the option to use Call Block. With it, you can focus your time and your energy on more important things that keep your business moving. Only answer the calls you want to answer, reduce or eliminate abusive or unnecessary calls, and take back your workday by adding Call Block to your VoIP call management system.


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