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 Call Forwarding 

Get a phone line and direct your calls to your desired destination

Never miss a call, forward your calls to any device and location. Business is always happening whether you are at desk or away.

  • Set call forwarding feature to automatically send the incoming call to a desired or predetermined number / numbers while you are traveling or away from desk.
  • Forward the  phone call  based on time zone.
  • Forward calls to specific departments and employees as needed.
  • Attend  your customers 24/7
  • Every phone line comes with call forwarding and all other useful features

Forward Calls from New York office after 6pm(EST ) to Los Angeles office(PST) which is still open.This way clients are always attended at one or the other location/ office.


Always Attend Clients Direct Calls to the Right Staff

Some Facts about Voice Over IP(VOIP)

Make your business dealing get better everyday. With the use of the VoIP  phone system, telephones have been revolutionized with an extremely cost-effective way to communicate easily and quickly. Learn about some of the most useful facts about VOIP. Read More

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