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Call forwarding helps you upkeep your promise of 24*7 Availability

Divert any incoming calls to any extension, virtual business phone number, smart phone as needed 

Whenever you dream of success for your business, you can’t deny the worth of answering all the calls. A missed call is more than what you think. With a missed call, you miss a business opportunity, a customer, and some market exposure. Whether you are a greenhorn or a big gun, you can’t afford to miss all of it. That’s why you must take appropriate measures to avoid it and ensure that every call is answered properly even if you are out of your office. In this situation, call forwarding is pure bliss. By using this feature, businesses of all sorts can pick all the calls.

Call Forwarding Feature

Types of Call Forwarding

Based on under which condition calls will be forwarded, call forwarding is divided into the below-mentioned categories. 

Call Forwarding Always: Under this category, all the incoming calls will be forwarded to the chosen destination. Most of the businesses use this when one line is temporary out-of-order. 

Call Forwarding if Busy: If the dialed line is already busy then you can forward the incoming calls to the next available line with this call forwarding option. 

Call Forwarding No Answer: This facility allows a call to get forwarded on another destination if it doesn’t get answered on the mainline.

Call Forwarding Not Reachable: If the main dialing line is not reachable, Call Forwarding Not Reachable forwards the calls on other destinations. 

Call Forwarding Selective: By using this facility, only the calls coming from certain selective numbers will be forwarded to the other destination. 

 All these Call Forwarding types allows a business to ensure proper and timely call answering operations without making any extra efforts. 


How to set up call forwarding from office phone extension

Don’t let your business calls go unanswered. With our Call Forwarding feature you can now automatically forward calls to multiple phones.

If you want the calls to be directly forwarded from an extension, you can set up call forwarding from the extension, so that when a call in incoming, it will check where the routing is set to before connecting it.
The different key combinations that you can use to forward or route the calls are as follows:
Call Forward from Extension– Press*72

Cancel Call Forward- Press *73

You can set up call forwarding based on a condition. to set up forwarding when no one answers the call :

Call Forward on No Answer– Press *74

Cancel Call Forward on No Answer– Press *75

Directly setup call forwarding for a particular extension:

Call Forward from any station– Press *76

Cancel Call Forward from other extension– Press *77


Call forward phone number *78 and Cancel *79 

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