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With Call Queue, Make Your Business Lean, Professional and Efficient.

Call Queue empowers a business to put the incoming calls in a queue to be responded by the next available agent. More calls are attended leaving fewer voice mails from missed calls. You can set up call queues by logging into This feature comes in with your business phone system package for free.

IVR helps thrive your business.

Benefits of Call Queue Feature


Create your own queue by deciding which of the extensions should have a queue to set call queue for maximum hold time. Announce caller position in the queue to distribute the incoming call traffic and efficiently manage the workload in your company while attending all your clients in the order received.

Use Waiting Period Efficiently

While waiting for an agent to answer the call, educate the caller with new promotions. Share number of position in the queue to make pre-call announcement to entertain callers with a variety of music on hold or messages.

Call Queue Strategies

Using IVR along with call queue feature can encourage customers to get response in the shortest time possible. Distribute the incoming calls evenly to all agents in a specific department or office, or have certain members receive more calls than others. This is commonly used in call enters. Use ring all strategy to reach the first available agent in the queue. Phones ring for all the agents at the same time, and the first one to answer gets the call. Sales and customer support use the approach of connecting the caller with the agent who has been waiting the longest between calls.

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