Call Routing

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What is Call Routing?

A call routing system or Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) is a call management facility available for businesses to swiftly route their incoming calls according to a given set of rules, to any person or team. Depending on the business requirements, the call routing rules can either be simpler or mighty. Today, most organizations have established a cloud-based telephonic system to manage and route their inbound calls. However, call routing systems were initially adapted by the highly enterprising call centers, dealing with extremely specialized data and expensive telephonic equipment. But, today the fastest evolving voice over internet protocol (VoIP) has made it possible for businesses of all scales to benefit from the services of intelligent call routing.

IVR helps thrive your business.

Benefits of Call routing

Manage your business hours

No business can expect quality customer service without minding their business hours. Informing the customer about your service availability is a great way of leaving a professional and positive impact on the audience. With call routing, you can make an announcement regarding your availability at a particular moment. It assists organizations to deliver an impression that the company cares for its end users.

Offer great user experience

A quality call routing strategy efficiently improves the customer experiences. It enables the consumers to quickly reach the service team in case of any trouble. Swift routing helps in developing better customer relations and greatly improves the satisfaction rate. Real-time customer service ensures service quality and helps reduce user frustration.

Manage Extensive hold hours

Businesses thrive with the satisfaction of their customers. The satisfaction of loyal customers depends on quick service and timely resolution to their issues. Keeping them wait for long hours can result to call abandonment and consumer irritation. With call routing, businesses can encourage the customers to leave a voicemail instead of waiting on hold.

Uplift your Business

Effective call routing creates a great difference between losing a sale and closing it. Routing eliminates the revenue losses as there is no call loss and each and every incoming call is routed to an available agent. It greatly utilizes the agent’s efficiency and ensures a 24/7 service availability. This around the clock service and massive revenue growth isn’t possible without a call routing system.

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