Call Screening

Gain complete control over your company’s incoming calls by using our call screening feature.

Call Screening Let’s You Do More

With call screening, you will never have to be interrupted by an unwanted or untimely call. You can decide which calls you take and when you want to take them. Get rid of the hassle of dealing with the unknown when it comes to inbound calls, and let our call screening option give you the power to become more productive.

No matter what kind of call you receive throughout your busy day, call screening allows you to choose how you want to handle a call each and every time you are in the office. Our desktop feature empowers your ability to manage your workday efficiently by giving you the ability to prioritize calls as you receive them – allowing you to streamline your schedule and increase your productivity. By taking advantage of this feature, you no longer have to deal with the hassle of unknown or unwanted calls interrupting your busy schedule.

Call screening can be a helpful tool for managing your phone calls and avoiding unwanted interruptions. However, it's important to note that some service providers may charge additional fees for using this feature, so be sure to check with your provider before setting it up.

Call Screening helps thrive your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Call Screening Works?

With the use of caller ID, inbound calls appear on your phone’s information display and this provides you with the choice to either answer, decline, or send the call directly to voicemail in order to address it at better time. There is absolutely no hassle in using this feature and you get to choose your response with each and every call.

Why Use Call Screening?

Allows you to know who is calling you, even before the call connects, and allows you to decide how you want to respond. Avoid nuisance callers and prioritize your responses to every inbound call. Program your desk phone to have callers say their name before they are connected to your line so you know exactly who is calling you as well as the company they are calling you from. Doing so takes the guess work out of whether the call is an immediate need, or can be handled at a later time. You can even have your desk phone identify internal phone calls so that you know which department is calling you and how you can address the caller. If you are too busy to answer a call, our call screening feature has you covered! Important phone calls can be addressed quickly with prepared text-to-speak messages, or you can type a message from your desktop to your caller.

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