call waiting

Hear a beep to know that another caller is trying to reach you while you’re on phone.

Call Waiting allows you to accept the incoming call while you are on an existing call.

Call waiting is a business phone service feature that allows a person to receive an incoming call while they are already on the phone. With call waiting, a person will hear a beep tone to indicate that there is another call waiting. The person can then choose to put the current call on hold and answer the new call, or they can choose to ignore the new call and continue with the current call.

Call waiting is a useful feature for people who want to stay connected and available even when they are already on the phone. It can also be helpful for businesses and organizations that need to be able to handle multiple calls at the same time.

To use call waiting, the service must be enabled on your phone line by your business phone service provider. When you are on a call and another call comes in, you will hear a beep tone. To answer the new call, you can press the flash button or the switchhook on your phone, and your current call will be put on hold. To return to the original call, you can press the flash button or switchhook again.

Note that some business phone service providers may charge an additional fee for call waiting, so it is important to check with your provider for details on pricing and availability.

Call Waiting helps thrive your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use call waiting?

Basically, while you’re on a call and someone else calls you, you’ll hear a beep on your phone. In that case, you may place the current call on hold, while you attend the new call or create a 3-way conference call by inviting the caller to join the conversation. Send the incoming call to voice mail rather than answering it or answer the call and then forward it to someone else.

Is the conversation private on both incoming calls when using call waiting feature?

The existing and new incoming call are separate. The callers will hear or communicate with each other unless you use conference feature to merge the calls.

Can I switch off call waiting feature?

You can turn off call waiting feature on your desktop phone or by logging into the online web portal. If call waiting is off, inbound calls will directly go to VM, or caller will hear a busy signal, or routed using other features of VoIP phone service.

How many incoming calls can be handled?

Call waiting only works with two incoming calls. The third inbound call will be sent to voicemail, or will hear a busy signal, or be routed using call park, call transfer call queue or another phone system feature.

When to utilize call waiting?

If the business is busy, call waiting is a very useful service. Before putting customers on hold, you can answer the calls and offer preliminary services. This includes greeting the customer, finding out the issue, then determining where the call must be forwarded to. Prior to the call being forwarded, you can provide the agent with information from the customer, insuring that the time that the customer has to be on hold is as short as possible. High call season help- Holding several lines can also be beneficial during high call seasons. You do not want to lose out on customers due to not picking up phone calls. Having call waiting will allow you to answer and put several people in line. It may also allow you to find other agents to be able to help with the calls. Holding for emergency calls- It can also help when you need emergency calls to go through. For example, if you need to answer a time sensitive question for an employee, you can put a non-emergency call on hold for a few seconds to a minute in order to provide essential service information. Using call waiting to pick up on high-level phone calls is a service that your business will need.

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