custom greetings

Choose default business phone system greeting or customize it with personal greetings, message or any other information.

Make Your Business Lean, Professional and Efficient.

Custom greeting is a feature that allows a person to record a personalized greeting message for their voicemail or phone answering service. Instead of using a default or standard greeting, a custom greeting can be tailored to the individual's needs, personality, or business.

To set up a custom greeting, the person will need to access the voicemail or phone answering service settings on their phone or through their service provider. They can then record a message that will be played when someone calls and they are unable to answer the phone.

Custom greetings can be used for a variety of purposes, such as providing information about business hours, giving instructions for leaving a message, or simply greeting callers in a friendly and personalized way. They can also be updated as needed to reflect changes in the person's availability or business.

When recording a custom greeting, it is important to speak clearly and include all relevant information that callers may need. This may include your name, business name, hours of operation, and instructions for leaving a message or reaching you by another means.

Custom greetings can help to enhance the professional image of a business or organization, and they can also be a fun and creative way to express your personality or style.

Custom Greeting helps thrive your business.

Custom Greetings Feature

How Do Business Greetings Help?

Having personalized messages for the customer creates an impression of being professional. Reduce the cost of labor as it eliminates the need to hire secretary or receptionist. Dedicated business voicemail to greet customers avoids personal greetings to mess up. Educate customers and acknowledge them when no agents are available for answering. This helps reduce the wait time of users. No greetings are one-size-fits-all and so Cebod Telecom gives you the ease to create personalized messages for your customers. Whether a voicemail or through the IVR, you can now control what information is shared with your users and when.

Improve Professionalism and Consistency

Customize your business auto attendant to greet the caller. Upload recorded custom greetings in wav or mp3 format. Choose default Cebod Telecom greeting. Create your company greeting in more than one language and set up IVR to provide several options to select from. Customize office phone voicemail.

Increase Business Efficiency

Besides setting up the auto-attendant for welcoming the caller you can also customize to give automated office directions, customize to answer some of the FAQ’s, customize to announce promotions and office events, customize to update your callers in Call Queue.

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