dial by name

Forgetting extensions is an easy thing to do. Use dial by name option to find a specific person and to keep wait times low.

Dial By Name

Remembering phone numbers in itself is a tough task, let alone the need to abide by extensions. In a standard business phone environment, there lies a single business number used to connect to any or every employee/department within the organization. What distinguishes the desk is the extension added to the same.

For instance, imagine dialing 001 for the sales department, 002 for the marketing head, 003 for shipment and logistics, so and so forth. In case you need to connect with the marketing head, you would need to recall that exact extension. Failing the above, you might end up connecting with the wrong department.

Fussy, right?

To deal with this, Cebod Telecom provides an excellent feature of dial by name. As the name states, the Dial by Name feature empowers businesses to give their customers the ease to dial the agent’s name or say the initials to connect to the same. Definitely, remembering John is a lot easier than memorizing 087.

The core idea behind setting up of the dial by name feature is to ease and simplify the process of customer-agent interaction. No longer does the user needs to keep track of different extensions to connect with the right agent. This accelerates the pace at which communication is drawn between the customer executive and the end-user, fostering improved experience and enhances business value.

Dial By Name helps thrive your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Customer is greeted by the Auto Attendant who prompts the caller to select the option (Dial By Name), upon selection, the caller is prompted to enter the name of the agent to be called and caller gets connected with the agent they needed to speak to.

How can it help your business?

Using dial by name will allow the person’s name to be programmed in, then the Auto Attendant will connect the person’s extension. Depending on the number of people in the company, you may elect to use last names for extensions, or full names in order to keep the system together. Also using Auto Attendant can also help with people who have issues with sight dialing on the telephone. Being able to connect to the person they need directly rather than having to find an extension makes things easier for the front desk point of contact, as well as customers and vendors. By simply using a directory, call wait times can be heavily reduced, which means your business can provide excellent customer service since calls can be directed to the correct person quicker.

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