shared Lines

Shared Lines

The shared lines feature is a telecommunications feature that allows multiple devices or users to share the same phone line. With this feature, calls made to a shared phone line will ring on all connected devices or phones, allowing any of the connected users to answer the call. This feature is often used in office settings, where multiple employees need to be able to answer calls to a single phone number.

Shared lines can be configured in different ways, depending on the specific needs of the users. For example, a shared line can be set up to ring simultaneously on all connected devices, or it can be set up to ring on one device at a time, with the other devices ringing only if the call is not answered on the first device. Some shared line setups also allow users to place calls on hold or transfer calls to other devices or users on the same line.

Shared Lines helps thrive your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many phones can I assign to a Shared Lines group?

You can assign unlimited desktop phones to every shared line group.

Do all the phones have to be in the same location?

All phones assigned to a Shared Line group should be in the same physical location.

How many shared lines groups can I create?

You can create unlimited shared line groups through your online Cebod Telecom web account

How many Shared Line groups can I set up for my business?

There is no limitations on the number of groups that can be set up. However, all phones in the same Shared Line group must be in the same location. Cebod Team will be happy to provide you with information about Shared Lines plans, extensions and boxes per line. With only knowing your staff number and the calling varieties, we will be able to provide plans and pricing to meet your needs. Contact us for more and save – with Shared Lines!

What desk phone models support Shared Lines feature?

Polycom desk phones (321, 335, 550, 650HD, VVX-310, VVX-410, VVX-500), Yealink , Grand Stream and Linksys/SPA phones support all-inclusive shared line feature.

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