Inbound Call Tracking Service

Inbound Call Tracking Service helps Consolidate Marketing Efforts.Lead Generation Is Key to Success in Every Business.

Save Money on Campaigns

Helps eliminate wasteful spending on inefficient advertising campaigns. Based on the call tracking data collected, you can allocate more budget to advertise on the platform that generate maximum leads and sale conversions.

Identify Source of every Phone Lead

Assign different phone number for each marketing campaign to track call traffic. For example, you could put one phone number in a postcard add, then another in a brochure or a pamphlet handed out at a conference. 

Get Email in your Inbox for Every Lead

Receive an email for every incoming call with a call recording. No lead is lost, even if any call is missed by the staff.

Real Time Call Recording

Record real-time calls for quality check, staff training, reviewing for any missed calls or planning any future campaigns.

Cebod Telecom’s inbound Call Tracking Solution allows you to track effectiveness of every business marketing campaign by assigning a unique toll-free number to each advertising campaign and linking it with Google analytic tool.

There is no need to buy inbound call tracking service as this feature comes FREE with every phone line plan purchased.



Inbound Call Tracking Service Features

Always know which advertising campaign is helping to increase sales and bringing in more revenue.Don’t wait any longer, get a toll free
or local phone number and start tracking today.

Share call details with the team
Email notifications for every call
Detailed report of phone numbers
Google Analytics Integration
Record every incoming call
Pricing as low as 2.4¢ per minute
Record messages during office hours and off hours
Whisper message to agents on transfer
Receive calls to local and toll free numbers

Frequently Asked Questions

Tired of paying per phone line? Does your business need unified communications but can’t find the right answer?Our low cost phone service for with all basic and advanced features is the answer.

Where does the Inbound Call Tracking service works?
Inbound Call tracking solution works with all business phone numbers in the United States and Canada. Place the phone number on your website, in print and on any other online campaign and track your marketing strategies.
What marketing channels should I use with Inbound Call Tracking service?
Inbound Call tracking solution works with both digital marketing channels like paid search, display, organic search, email and offline channels like print, radio, and bill boards.
Can I use local phone numbers with Call Tracking solution?
Local phone numbers are vital for local businesses and our inbound call tracking feature gives you the option to use them. You can either port over numbers you already own, or request new local numbers for call tracking.
How do I set up Call Tracking service?
  • Buy local or toll free business phone number
  • Set up inbound call tracking service for that phone number on our online web interface account by filling in the details

Just in simple 2 steps, you can start monitoring all the advertising campaigns.

What happens to incoming calls during off office hours?
If the department responsible for answering calls doesn’t operate 24 hours a day, call routing features can help you. If your business has locations across the country you can have calls automatically routed to the open location or transferred to a voicemail.
Can I see call analytics in my Google analytics?
Yes, absolutely. Just enter your 4-6 digit Google analytic unique numbers in your online account while setting up incoming call tracking feature.
Can the agent be notified of call source, before they answer it?
Use “whisper” feature to notify the agent or staff source of the call before they even answer it by playing a whisper message such as as ” Call from Yellow Page” or “ Call for Cebod Telecom”. A Great marketing tool for an individual company or a marketing platform handling several companies campaigns.
What information is captured when I track calls?
Advanced incoming call tracking solutions can track just about anything you want, so you always know how your marketing efforts are driving both online and offline engagement. It includes valuable information about the caller and the phone call itself. With each call you know:

  • Caller location
  • Call duration
  • Date and time of call
  • Repeat versus new call
  • Key demographic data
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