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5 Reasons Why Hosted VoIP Will Improve Your Productivity

Like with everything in the world of business communications, the business phone system

A New Force in the California VoIP Market Emerges with Yealink Partnership

The world of VoIP is one filled with growth. By 2021, Gartner expects
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Difference between VOIP and Regular Phone System

VoIP has revolutionized business communication around the world. While it shares a tone
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How VoIP services have revolutionized business communication in 2019-2020

In the business world, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that 2019 has
How to Block Ghost Calls on VoIP - Cebod Telecom

How to Block Ghost Calls on VoIP

Ghost calls are an annoyance for anyone who uses VoIP phone systems. Also

Barracuda Phone System Discontinued – Here’s an Alternative

Businesses were thrown into chaos recently when it was announced that the Barracuda