Improving Patient Engagement with VoIP Business SMS

Healthcare providers and medical practices of all sizes are turning to modern communication technologies such as VoIP business SMS in order to easily manage their patient relationships, improve customer service, and save on costs. VoIP-based text messaging not only provides a faster way for healthcare staff to reach their patients but also gives them the ability to send messages that are secure and an effective tool for creating healthier patient relations.

In this blog post, we will explore how you can use VoIP business SMS in your practice or hospital to build stronger connections with your patients.

Make communication convenient: Use VoIP business texting to make it easier for patients to get in touch with your medical office. This way, they can ask questions or schedule appointments without having to wait on hold or come into the office. According to a study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, patients prefer to use digital communication methods, such as text messaging and email, to communicate with their healthcare providers. The study found that using digital communication can improve the convenience and accessibility of healthcare services, which can lead to better patient engagement and outcomes (Ventola, 2014).

Use personalized messages: Using VoIP business texting, you can send personalized messages to patients based on their health history, past interactions, or other pertinent information.

Share information quickly: VoIP business texting is a fast way to share information with patients, such as test results, prescription refills, or appointment reminders.

Foster trust: By being more accessible and responsive to patient inquiries, you can build a stronger relationship with them. This, in turn, fosters trust, which is crucial in maintaining healthy patient relationships. According to a survey conducted by Software Advice, 62% of patients feel more confident in their healthcare provider’s ability to manage their care when they can communicate with them through text messaging. This indicates that by being more accessible and responsive through VoIP business texting, healthcare providers can foster trust and improve patient relationships.

Respond quickly: Patients appreciate prompt responses to their inquiries or concerns. Using VoIP business texting, you can respond quickly to their messages, making them feel valued and cared for.

Reduce no-shows: Missed appointments can be frustrating for both healthcare providers and patients. VoIP business texting can help reduce no-shows by sending reminders or confirming appointments. According to a study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, sending automated text message reminders to patients can significantly reduce the number of missed appointments. The study found that patients who received text message reminders were 36% less likely to miss their appointments compared to those who did not receive any reminders (Kerr, Murray, & Noble, 2019). This suggests that using VoIP business sms for appointment reminders can improve patient attendance and contribute to healthier patient relationships.

Collect feedback: VoIP business texting can be used to collect feedback from patients about their experiences with your healthcare organization. This can help you improve your services and strengthen patient relationships.

Provide aftercare: Aftercare is an important part of maintaining healthy patient relationships. VoIP business texting can be used to follow up with patients after procedures or treatments to ensure they are recovering well and have no concerns.

Keep records: VoIP business texting can be integrated with your patient management system, allowing you to keep records of all interactions with patients. This helps you stay organized and provides valuable data for improving patient care.

To sum it up, using business SMS is critical for any medical practice to ensure the highest quality of patient care and satisfaction. Texts serve as efficient reminders to patients about their appointments, reducing the number of no-shows that can cost the medical business money. Plus, texting ensures secure communication and makes it easier to share documents or images with a patient’s healthcare team quickly, improving overall communication and records management. Whether you are a doctor or a pharmacist, having an effective text messaging program in place is key to successful operations.

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