5 Big Mistakes Businesses Make with IVR

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is the next level of customer service. An auto attendant is a way for your business to intelligently greet customers and open a dialogue.

When it comes to an efficient and effective VoIP phone service in California, you need a service that’s going to make you stand out. These days 89% of businesses say they are competing entirely on customer service.

So, if you’re looking into incorporating IVR you need to know how to make the most of it and which mistakes to avoid.

1. Offering Too Much Information

The human brain typically can’t stay onboard when there are more than five options. Don’t use your auto attendant to bombard your customer with options. You’ll either confuse them or just exasperate them to such a point that they hang up.

US consumers spend an average of 17% more when they’re given great customer service. Keep your options clear and concise to provide that great customer service.

2. Not Operating 24/7

Like it or not, customers want 24-hour service. Now 82% of customers demand an immediate response when they ask a sales or marketing question.

You might not have the funds to operate a 24-hour service, but your internet phone service can help to plug the gap. IVR can offer a variety of basic services after hours and the option of a callback.

Allowing your auto attendant to close when your business is closed is always a mistake.

3. Not Providing a Viable Self-Service Option

Sensitive issues require a more personalized approach. Your VoIP phone service in California should offer an upgraded service that allows your IVR to deal with personalized information.

There’s nothing that frustrates a customer more than not having a personalized system. Your VoIP service should offer a service that can redirect based on personalized information given by your customers.

4. Not Using Dynamic Menus

Dynamic menus are not something from the future. The standardized menu for every customer for every call is no longer viable.

Dynamic menus are menus given based on previous interactions with customers. Your auto attendant should be able to provide different menus for different customer types and which part of the sales funnel the customer happens to be in.

5. Not Providing a Callback Option

The goal of IVR as an internet phone service is to avoid wasting the customer’s time. You would be surprised how many auto attendants don’t offer a callback option.

Don’t just send your customer to a virtual queue. Make life more convenient for them by offering a callback solution.

Last Word – Making IVR Work for You

It’s easy to make this upgraded VoIP service work for you. With how important customer service is in every industry, you can’t afford to settle for an inferior or subpar option.

Choose your provider carefully and make sure you do your research before settling on any solution. This is a type of service that could revolutionize your business. At the same time, getting the decision wrong could lead to a lot of wasted time and effort.

When was the last time you upgraded your communications infrastructure?