A phone system that will follow you everywhere

Use one of many call routing options. Our phone system will make every effort to reach you.

Voicemail only extensions

This is a free extension provided with the phone system. This can be used as a general office or a specific department voicemail box.

Follow Me/ Find Me

These are referred to as 2 technologies that in conjunction enable incoming phone calls to be received at different locations and on different phones. Find me technology gives you ability to receive incoming calls at any location while Follow me refers to the ability to receive calls at any number of designated phones.

Call Forwarding

Don’t let your business calls go unanswered. With our Call Forwarding feature you can now automatically forward calls to multiple phones.

Call Queues

It allows call centers to manage incoming call volumes in an orderly fashion. The feature allows to put calls in queue and serves them to agents as they become available.

Ring Groups

This is another value adding feature of a VoIP phone system. It allows you to re-direct incoming calls to different numbers included in your Ring Group.

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