How VoIP Helps You Upgrade Your Pizza Delivery System without Breaking Banks

Pizza Power Report of 2019 found that three themes driving the pizza industry are:

  • Quality Ingredients
  • Technology
  • Youth Culture

Pizza fans are increasingly demanding the freshest and healthiest ingredients possible along with technology that makes ordering and fast delivery easy. Technomic’s study found that 83% of customers eat pizza once a month. There are 77 thousand pizzerias in the country to fill that demand.

Being a pizza fan myself, I know that almost all pizzerias offer a mouth-watering cheese blend, a wide variety of toppings to satisfy the taste buds, and a crust recipe to complete the meal. That’s why pizza brands are worried about what else they can do to stand out among fierce competition.

I already gave the answer at the beginning of this article.


No matter how excellent your pizza is, the process starts with a consumer’s call to place the order. This is where you get the opportunity to make or break your brand.

The process of pizza home delivery seems easy, but at times miscommunication takes place without your knowledge. When consumers call to order pizza, they don’t get a menu to select the options, and your salespeople have to repeat a lot of things to make sure that consumers understand what you offer. It’s a time consuming process which irritates customers and makes them jump to competitors with faster services. Moreover, if we talk about consumer complaints, it takes ages to address the complaint of missing toppings or smaller quantities.

A single mistake leads to losing a long term customer, only to make you wonder what went wrong.

I know what you’re thinking

“Tell me how to solve the problem, create the best delivery system, and steal the customers from competitors?”

VoIP is your answer.

Before I tell you how it upscales your pizza delivery system, let’s have a brief look at what VoIP is and how it works.


What is VoIP and How does it work?

 VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It’s a process to route your phone lines through the internet, allowing you to make call and receive calls from data-driven devices like smartphones, computers, or VoIP phones.

The main benefit of VoIP is that it’s budget-friendly. It only requires a speedy internet connection, an internet-compatible phone, and a business-class router. You save  a ton on equipment costs.

Other reasons to adopt VoIP and upgrade your pizza delivery system are:

Make the customer feel in charge by automating calls

VoIP offers you a range of automated features to put your calls on auto-pilot mode. One such feature is auto-attendant, also know as IVR (interactive voice response). It lets you set up a prerecorded message and self-select options for callers.

For example, if the customers call, they listen to the numbered options like choose 1 to order, 2 for menu, 3 for locations, and 9 to talk with a customer service representative. Auto-attendant puts the control in the hands of customers, making them feel like a boss.



Make and receive calls from multiple devices with zero charges

Being available across multiple devices, VoIP allows you, your delivery drivers, and the customers to make and receive calls at any time from anywhere using any device, without paying any call charges.

VoIP works as smartphone extension which allows you to reach drivers using a three or four-digit number instead of fidgeting through big cell numbers.





Utilize call waiting time for upselling

 Generally, businesses upload music files to streamline the customers’ call waiting time. VoIP gives you the option to ad promotional messages like special offers and discounts to tempt customers to upgrade their orders.

For example, you can record a message on today’s combo of veg loaded pizza with cheese sticks and 60 ml Coke. A limited time offer.

It triggers the taste buds of customers and lures them to take action now.



 Offer exactly what your customers are looking for

VoIP allows you to store customer data, like previous issues they faced, their purchases, etc. Businesses can use this information to tailor the customer interactions and meet their needs, making them feel more valued.

For example, if your customer orders Mexican pizza each weekend, you can offer a combo of Mexican pizza combined with drinks to elevate their happy weekend mood.




Respond at lightning speed without any breakdown

With VoIP’s advanced call forwarding options, your customers will never wait longer to connect with you.

For example, if one salesperson is busy with the customer, VoIP forwards the call to the next available representative at lightning speed, eliminating longer waiting periods which may lead to the customer hanging up.





Leverage busy hours as well as off hours

One of VoIP’s unique tools is custom scheduling. It hands you the power of time-based call routing. It responds to customers even at your busiest hours and connects you with them directly during your free hours.

You can set up an auto-attendant to answer customers’ calls quickly when you are too busy to pick up the call. And you can answer the calls directly during off hours.




Make real-time changes to your offers within seconds

In a pizza business, nothing is constant. You implement changes frequently, and call your customers again and again. VoIP is a well-known online call management interface. It lets you make real-time changes to inbound calls.

So if you want to change the offer in your prerecorded messages, you are just a few clicks away.




Never miss a single call

Last but not least, with VoIP, you will never miss a single call. As all your data-connected devices are in place to receive multiple calls at a time, you leave no stone unturned when it comes to responding to customers.





Your Pizza Delivery System After VoIP

Imagine the comfort of customers when you give them options to call from any device. They will enjoy a hassle-free experience when given the choice to select the desired pizza coupled with discounts and offers. The time for purchase decreases, and your sales numbers go up. Waiting time is almost negligible and enjoyable as well due to daily offer prerecorded messages.

In a nutshell, you will offer efficient customer service which will give you an edge over your competitors. See the infographic to understand it.