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Cebod Telecom Vs Nextiva

Cebod Telecom offers premium VOIP business phone solutions with all of the features you could ever need. We offer unique aspect of customizable plans to fit every business’ needs, be it big or small. At Cebod Telecom, you don’t have to add the cost of a new phone system. You also don’t have to pick and choose which features you might need as they offer the all-inclusive PBX features. Some of these features you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else at price points that match your budget!

At Nextiva, you can find features similar to what Cebod Telecom offers, such as  unlimited calling and faxing, and number portability as well as auto attendant and HD voice quality. However, Nextiva can’t compete with Cebod Telecom’s unified communications and pricing, that will combine web and mobile, and voice into one seamless system, making it the best economical solution for your business phone needs.


Watch the video to understand Pay-Per-Line pricing structure.

What are the main differences?


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All-inclusive Features with each phone plan and more.

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