6 Reasons Why VoIP Providers Lose Their Customers


The VoIP market is flooded with providers trying to offer their services. The problem is that there’s a lot of different providers that don’t offer a good quality service. And they tarnish the entire industry because of that.

So why are so many VoIP providers losing customers and what do reputable VoIP businesses like Cebod Telecom do to rectify these issues?


A Lack of Customer Service

Nobody likes to spend days trying to resolve a problem with their communications. When you rely on VoIP for your business you want a great service.

Every year, businesses lose $75 billion due to poor customer service. Cebod Telecom always makes itself available at every hour of the day or night. They work with customers, instead of redirecting them to a variety of departments.

It’s how they keep their customers on their side.


Poor Internet Connection Leading to Poor Voice Quality

You can have some sympathy with VoIP providers for this because they often lose customers simply because the customer doesn’t have the necessary connection speed to support VoIP. There’s nothing the provider can do about this.

But Cebod Telecom ensures that these problems are kept to a minimum by being transparent about the necessary connection speed before they take on a new customer.


Not Staying Updated on The Latest Technology

Technology changes. It’s easy to fall behind the curve when you’re already running a successful business. But as time goes on this decaying technology leads to a loss of quality regarding the VoIP service provided.

According to a report from American Express, complacency is the silent killer of businesses. It merely manifests itself in this way to the customer, but it’s really a company-wide problem.

Cebod Telecom consistently drives its staff members to do better. It regularly observes its competitors and the changing trends in the industry to guard against this.

The Product Didn’t Offer Value

We often think about value in relation to price. But there’s also the value of the product to take into account. If a VoIP providers offering didn’t offer value to the business, a lost customer is inevitable.

That’s why Cebod Telecom works to ensure that the product does offer value. They tailor their offerings to support business growth in the long-term. That’s how they keep their customers.

VoIP is about so much more than replacing the traditional telephone system.


Your Sales Techniques are Annoying

Do you know why the strong-armed sales tactics of the past worked? There was no other alternative. Today, that’s not the case.

If you’re still sending your customers strong-armed sales literature telling them to upgrade or to buy this product, you’re guaranteed to drive customers away.

Cebod Telecom uses value-based sales tactics. They focus on building relationships with every business they work with.

Conclusion: Fix These Mistakes to Avoid Losing Customers

Despite the fact the VoIP market is flooded with low-quality providers, the best providers truly rises to the top. Companies like Cebod Telecom have risen above their competition because they’re focused on providing a consistently quality product that offers value.

As a customer, what’s the most frustrating thing a VoIP provider can do?

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