Replacement Needed for Barracuda Cudatel VoIP Phone System

Barracuda has made the decision to kill the Cudatel VoIP system starting in July 2019. It has left businesses scrambling to find an alternative.

If you’re one of those businesses who now must look to for a brand-new VoIP system provider, the time to start searching is now. Companies like Cebod Telecom already offer a service that surpasses anything the Cudatel system provided.

So, here’s what you need to do if you’re a victim of Barracuda’s VoIP shutdown.


What are Your Goals?

Not all VoIP providers were created equal. The chances are you’re going to use your system for more than just phone calls. So, you need a company like Cebod Telecom, which utilizes the latest technology.

For example, you may want a VoIP system that’s capable of integration with the rest of your business. Some companies decide that they want their API’s  and CRM to be integrated with business phone service.


Call Quality

We mentioned that many companies want to use VoIP because it’s so much more than a way to make calls. But call quality remains at the heart of VoIP. Without crystal clear voice quality, your VoIP system isn’t doing its job.

If you’re a former Cudatel user, consider Cebod Telecom. This service offers crystal clear voice quality with a strong Internet connection.

You won’t have to worry about individual or conference call quality again.


Consider the Price

In the VoIP industry you get what you pay for. You may be thinking that you want to save some money when making the switch from Barracuda.

Although you’ll often see only a few dollars’ worth of difference between different services in the beginning,  but then you might face hidden charges for advanced features and customer support.

Try not to make price your priority when figuring out a replacement for the Cudatel system. Check Cebod Telecom plans and pricing and compare with others.


Look for a Package That Suits You

At Cebod Telecom, you’ll find a range of different business phone service plans based on number of phone lines needed to choose from. It’s important that you get a plan that’s customized for you and is scalable as the need changes. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to choose a random package.

VoIP offers so much and has so many capabilities. Don’t compromise.

Getting the Right Support for Making the Switch

Making the switch from one VoIP provider to another is not easy. Most businesses never expect to have to go through this. So, when Barracuda suddenly closed its Cudatel system, businesses found themselves in this situation.

Cebod  Telecom offers full support for making the switch. They’ll guide you through the process and help you integrate your brand-new VoIP system into your business.


Closing: Take the Time to Do Your Research

You must move quickly before Cudatel closes. But don’t rush into a decision or it could cost you a lot of time and money, as well as causing major disruption to your company.

Have you started researching a VoIP replacement option yet?