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What Kind of VoIP Complaints Are People Looking For?

   VoIP is as popular as ever before. With hundreds of millions of residential and commercial subscriptions around the world, it’s quickly replacing the traditional telephone system. Yet the fact is that US businesses are slow to migrate to VoIP. One of the reasons...

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Business Phone System for Multiple Offices

Implementing a single phone system is one of the smartest thing that your company can do, especially as you grow and expand into new locations. With one internet based business system for all office locations, your company can run more smoothly, improve the customer experience, and enjoy an affordable, secure and dependable service.

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Why Choose VOIP Over Traditional Phone System

VoIP is becoming even more popular. Traditional phone systems are a thing of the past. If you’re still using one, now has never been a better time to make the switch. With so many providers, you can find the VoIP provider that’s right for you. By 2020, there’s going...

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Is Good Call Quality Necessary for Business?

So, you own a business and business phone system too. Congratulations to half of your achievement! Yes, you heard it right. Owning a business and phone system is only half of your success. The real success comes when your business communication system works...

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What Music on Hold Should I Choose?

What Music on Hold Should I Choose?   Setting up the music on hold feature for your business phone service is hardly the most glamorous part of readying your business for facing clients. But it’s necessary for presenting a professional face to anyone who gets in touch...

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Tips to Help you Choose between Static and Dynamic IP

Tips to Help you Choose between Static and Dynamic IP The term IP address refers to a series of numbers responsible for the internal communication between different devices. Though many businesses do not pay much attention to IP addresses while designing their...

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