5 Reasons Why Hosted VoIP Will Improve Your Productivity

Like with everything in the world of business communications, the business phone system is evolving.

Hosted VoIP systems are about so much more than merely connecting a call. They’re about improving productivity and ensuring that a business can push forward.

We look at the different reasons why hosted VoIP can improve productivity.


Mobilizing Employees

Did you know that a part-time telecommuter can save more than $11,000 per year on hiring an average employee?

Therefore, businesses have been incorporating telecommuters into their business structures. Entire teams now have the potential to work from home, with their speed and experience.

And businesses will always have their finger on the pulse.


Improving Integration

Hosted VoIP is simple and easy to install and use. You’ll be able to integrate it with any existing cloud solutions.

With hosted VoIP, you can manage everything through a single dashboard. It can even be integrated with unrelated CRM software and project management platforms.

That will save you a lot of time and effort because you’ll be able to manage everything from a single location.


Optimizing Your Communications Systems

Hosted VoIP ensures that your communications are centralized in the same location. You’ll no longer have to toggle between multiple apps and email services.

One sign-in is all you need to be integrated with everything. Plus, it integrates with your existing security systems.

Imagine the time you could save!

Improve Coordination Between Customer and Employee

Hosted VoIP can become a central part of your strategy when communicating with clients. You’ll be able to communicate with customers through the phone, live chat, or video conferencing wherever there’s an Internet connection.

With integrated CRM, you’ll also be able to pull up customer information in a matter of seconds. By having all this information available, you’ll meet the needs of customers fast.


Make Billing Easier

Finally, billing has never been easier with hosted VoIP. Costs are charged based on a standardized subscription model, so you always know what you’re going to pay.

This removes the need for complex billing, as a single monthly invoice will cover everything. It also applies to any remote employees you happen to have.

Now you’ll no longer need to worry about creating expense reports and dealing with accounting to get the exact bill.

In conclusion, hosted VoIP is a unified communications system that can save you time and effort on multiple fronts.

Do you believe hosted VoIP could be a big asset to your business?