Barracuda Phone System Discontinued – Here’s an Alternative

Businesses were thrown into chaos recently when it was announced that the Barracuda Phone System, known as CudaTel, was being disconnected.

Understandably, businesses were worried about the potential disruption caused and about finding an alternate VoIP system that would work.

You need to replace Barracuda with something that’s going to offer you not only a similar service but a superior service.

Easy Migration with Cebod Telecom

Your first priority is to migrate to your new provider. With some VoIP systems, this can be difficult due to alleged compatibility issues.

But Cebod Telecom makes this easy. A lack of support during migration is how VoIP providers lose customers from day one.

Your business will be fully supported as it is migrated from Barracuda to Cebod. You’ll be introduced to the process and guided through every step so you can be operational with a minimal amount of disruption.

Are You Getting the Same Quality Service Without CudaTel?

There’s no doubt that the customers of Barracuda were happy with the service they provided. To announce so soon that they are completely shutting down the service has put businesses of all kinds into an awkward position.

But with Cebod Telecom you’re not only going to get the same quality service, you’re going to get a superior service.

In other words, you’ll be able to take advantage of crystal-clear call quality and a variety of features that makes communication easy.

Some of the features you’ll be able to add to your VoIP package include auto attendant, IVR, and full call monitoring.

Ready to Service Your Needs When You Migrate

The fall of Barracuda is being discussed a lot throughout the industry. It has become the big story because nobody expected it.

That’s why Cebod Telecom has been taking calls from those who have VoIP complaints about the conduct of Barracuda and where it leaves them.

In advance of the July shutoff date, we have prepared our staff to help the businesses that have reached out to us about how they can migrate their current VoIP service. This also includes pricing plans and installation packages.

Make the Switch Now

It’s best to prepare for your migration in advance. That’s why we recommend looking into Cebod’s range of packages and features, so you know what you want before Barracuda closes forever.

You’re running out of time, so don’t delay. Migrate today!