What is the Right Phone System for Your Company?

To aid the decision making process for SMBS, lets take a look at different components and comparisons of these two VoIP business phone systems.Cloud Based Phone System Vs On-Site Phone System from Cebod Telecom

Employing an on-site PBX VoIP system requires a heavy initial investment and hiring IT staff to configure servers, maintain and manage them. Not only this adds to the costs of installing and maintaining your phone system, but it also makes the system more susceptible to faults.A cloud-based phone system eliminates the need of any additional hardware and wiring, thereby drastically reducing the costs associated with maintaining and running a phone system.

Cebod Telecom cloud-based phone system:-

  • Reduces costs
  • Makes installation a breeze
  • Allows additional features inaccessible to traditional phone system users

You save 89% of your monthly costs spent on traditional phone system by switching to cloud-based system. Learn More