What is the Cost Effective Method to Meet Business Telecommunication Needs?

An efficient communication medium does not have to be highly priced especially for small or medium businesses. There are leading VoIP communications providers who offer great pricing strategies that meet your budget and get you off-the-hook of the high price with your communication needs.

What is Pay-Per-Line?

The Pay-Per-Line pricing model offered by Cebod Telecom gives small to large businesses the option of choosing their charges based on the number of phone lines required and not on the number of users hooked to the phone system.

How is this cost-effective way to meet telecom needs?

It is the most cost-effective solution especially for businesses that are on a tight budget with their telecommunications needs. Furthermore, this new pay-per-line strategy makes more sense as companies have varying needs for communications. Some do not require many phone lines, while some might be demanding for this service more than others.

This type of Pay-per-line-pricing can be much more advantageous for businesses that are located at different sites as they do not need to pay for dedicated phone lines per person. The system is also more practical as they do not require the installation of any additional equipment, compared to the traditional communication system.

Benefits of the Pay-Per-Line Model

  • One of the main benefits of the pay-per-line model is the reduction of cost per phone line.
  • Considering not all companies can afford the expenses of paying a dedicated phone line per employee, this can be the best solution for most that are on a tight budget.
  • This model gives the cloud communications market a straightforward competition for greater and more cost-effective services, competing prices, and impressive customer service.
  • It is an enormous value for businesses, regardless of their size, as they won’t have to worry about reaching out to their customers who may have inquiries or complaints.
  • The pay-per-line model can be the best strategy for most businesses that can give great value and less cost than traditional phone systems.

Additional Services

Along with the intention of reducing the communication cost for most businesses, Cebod Telecom gives customers the advantage of additional features that can only be utilized through the cloud phone service. Such additional features include auto attendant, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), caller ID, call forwarding, conferencing, among others. It also gives customers the ability to have infinite user extensions and unlimited calls within US and Canada.