How to Block Ghost Calls on VoIP

Ghost calls are an annoyance for anyone who uses VoIP phone systems. Also known as phantom calls, the handset will ring, and no message will be left. And if you pick up the phone there’s no answer, only dead silence.

They’re irritating and can be extremely time-consuming. You’ll be able to recognize them as they come from area codes like 100, 1000, or 1001. That’s because these numbers don’t exist. They originated from a phantom source.

So, what can you do about them?


Where Do Ghost Calls Come From?

The first thing that businesses think of is that someone is trying to mess with them. They’re not far from the truth. They come from something called automated port scanning.

Successfully port scanning can enable someone to make calls and bill them to the scanned number. The real caller remains hidden and isn’t billed for the calls they make.

The other reason why a ghost call may occur is due to the activities of telemarketers and debt collectors. They tend to use auto-dialers. Due to Federal regulations, these calls automatically cut out after a certain time, which is why you get that dead silence when you pick up the phone.


How to Stop Ghost Calls

There are things that your service provider can do, which is why if you’re the victim of ghost calls you need to notify your VoIP service provider immediately.


Change SIP Port

The end user can change the SIP port or phone adapter from the default 5060 setting to something else to stop a lot of ghost calls in their tracks. Before doing so, do check with your business phone service provider whether they can support the new port for SIP messaging.

Grandstream GXP2200- Account – Account 1 – SIP Settings – Local SIP Port

Grandstream GXP2160-Accounts – Accounts 1 – SIP Settings – Basic Settings – Local SIP Port


Block IP calls

 Disable direct IP calls on your phone is also a great way to stop ghost calls. 

Grandstream GXP2200- Advanced Settings – Call Features – Disable Direct IP Calls

Grandstream GXP2160-Accounts – Account 1 – SIP Settings – Security Settings – Accept Incoming SIP from Proxy Only


Use a firewall

By using a firewall you’ll be able to filter port scans from legitimate traffic sources. If you’re unfamiliar with firewalls, contact your internet provider for assistance or check the manual for your router/firewall.


Change your IP address

Changing your IP address is a temporary solution for stopping ghost calls. If you’re unable to change your IP address on your own, you can contact your internet service provider and request a new IP address.


Do Stop Ghost Calls

Don’t ignore ghost calls as they can cost you a lot of money in the long-term. It’s important to be proactive not reactive. Plan for ghost calls now and don’t become a victim later.

Has your business had problems with ghost calls?