In House PBX vs Cloud Phone System

Old School Business Phone System

  1. Purchase a Phone System Equipment
  2. Every Year pay for support
  3. Train an employee to manage that.
  4. Find a Dial-tone Service Provider
  5. Locked in for many year with same system.
  6. Multiple office, multiple phone system.
  7. Technology changes, your phone system stays same
  8. Business grow, go back to step 1.

Cloud Based Business Phone System

  1. No need to Purchase a Phone System Equipment
  2. No Need to pay for support
  3. We do the management and we are good at it.
  4. We provide the Telephone lines.
  5. Get Free updates as technology grow.
  6. Multiple office, Single Phone System.
  7. Technology changes, you get an upgrade.
  8. Business grow, Just add more lines.