Virtual Phone System for Accounting Services and Income Tax Offices

Cebod Telecom's Cloud Based Phone System, reliable phone services for Tax Offices.



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Business Phone System 

 Your Most Efficient  Employee

Telephones keep ringing as everybody needs help with tax filing, accounting or processing payroll.

Cebod Telecom equips your tax office with Business Phone Services to meet every urgent need of your clients to talk about their Money.

income tax office phone system
  • Get all-inclusive basic and premium phone features with every phone number purchased
  • Enhance user experience with crystal clear HD voice qualityCustom Greetings and Music on Hold 
  • Automatic Phone System Upgrade
  • Income Tax Office Phone system managed and maintained by Cebod Telecom
  • Phone system managed and maintained by Cebod Telecom
  • Unlimited User Extension unlike any of our other competitors
  • Free Traditional, Internet Fax, Combo Fax Option
  • No PBX Obsolescence

Avoid unprofessional look and feel of “Can we call you back?”.

Have your virtual receptionist (Auto Attendant) direct the calls so you never miss any important calls ever.

Call Forwarding

With virtual phone system for accounting services you can forward client calls to the specific accountant asked for or to the tax preparer working on that customer’s account.

Call Transfer

With phone system for tax offices all calls are answered always. With rollover and transfer options, the incoming calls are transferred to the next available staff member or office when needed.

Voicemail to Email

Voicemails are sent to your inbox. Listen to them anytime, anywhere. Online records of all voicemails are available, free of cost!

Call Recording

Set up automatic recording for every phone conversation with clients and colleagues using Cebod Telecom income tax office phone system.
virtual phone system for accounting service

Traditional and eFax

  • Sensitive information pertaining to tax filling or accounting can be securely exchanged over paperless E-fax.
  • Cebod Telecom supports both internetfax and traditional fax,  giving its customer an option of choosing one or both.
  • Exclusive Combo Fax Get faxes on the regular fax machine and also receive an electronic copy of that fax in your inbox.
  • Every phone line bought comes with free fax service and all other inclusive features at no additional cost.

Keep your Existing Phone Number, Receive Instant Activation

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With Cebod Telecom Business Phone System you get

Rollover Lines, Follow Me, Find Me

 Record every phone conversation, 3-Way Calling, Fax

Block Telemarketing Call, Call Logs, Call Queue

And Much More

Business PBX

Support and Maintenance of Phone System for Tax Offices

  • No need to hire IT staff.
  • Complete FREE support is part of your contract with Cebod Telecom.
  • No bulky PBX hardware or equipment to store.
  • Local and Toll Free Phone Numbers available for every city and town in USA and Canada.

phone system for tax office
income tax office phone system

Cost Savings of Income Tax Office Phone System

  • Monthly phone bills cut by up to 80%.
  • Unlimited US & Canada calling.
  • Manage multiple tax offices under one online account and invoice.
  • Unlimited User Extension– not per user.

Mobility of Virtual Phone System for Accounting Service

  • Manage your tax services from the comfort of any mobile device using the Cebod Telecom app.
  • Be productive whilst on the move – join business calls, receive faxes, listen to voicemail or start a new conference on your smartphone while away from the office.

virtual phone system for accounting service

“We were able to get an even better phone solution at a cheaper price point than we were paying for just a very basic, limited service.”

Sameer Sharma , Co-Founder, CFO, EA, RTRP

S. Sharma Tax Inc.

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