Virtual Telehealth Solutions: Doctors Can Offer Treatments Without Compromising Social Distancing

People suffering from illnesses other than COVID-19 still need treatment. However, the pandemic is making it impossible for doctors to pay a visit to patients, and patients can’t risk visiting hospitals that are already packed with virus-suffering patients.

There’s only one way to mend the situation.

Telehealth Solutions.


Before I tell you what it is, imagine a situation to treat your patient without leaving your home. Let’s say a patient caught the flu and called you for emergency help. You schedule a virtual healthcare visit at a specific time. You see the patient on video conference and take note of his current condition. You prescribe medication that is easily available at a nearby medical facility and provide information on things to monitor for the duration of the flu. Before leaving the video conference, you schedule a follow-up appointment to notice the improvement.

Would that work without violating social distancing?

Well, the good news is that’s what Telehealth Solutions does for you.


Telehealth Solutions involves using digital technology to deliver health care services from home. It just requires access to a telecommunication method like phone, smartphone, app or any data-connected device where you can attend to patients.

In layman terms, Telehealth Solutions fits your health care business in an app and phone system from where you can schedule your next virtual visit via your business phone or app, meet your patients on video calls and share with them essential information or files via messaging. Not only that, but you can also take an entire team online and attend to a multitude of patients at one time.


An all-in-one solution.

And you don’t have to worry about paying bills for acquiring Telehealth Solution services because Cebod Telecom is offering it for free for one month as a contribution to the health sector during the pandemic.

Now that all the barriers between your health care services and your patients have been lifted, let’s have a quick look at the top 10 benefits of Telehealth Solutions for doctors seeking virtual ways to serve patients.

  1. Virtual Meetings

Telehealth provides conferencing tools to give you an uninterrupted conferencing experience with your patients. You can easily understand a patient’s problems and communicate clear instructions for further care.


  1. Seamless Team Collaboration

Allow your entire team to join you on a virtual health journey and collaborate with them via messaging, voice calls, video calls, etc. Share important files and faxes immediately.


  1. Quick Response to Emergencies

 Call routing option by Telehealth lets you respond quickly to patients who can’t leave their home but need emergency care.


  1. Flexible Support for Remote Workforce

 Your remote workforce is not bound by time and location limitations. They can be available to patients or you 24/7 from any corner of the world.


  1. Attend to More Patients

With physical location, you can not reach everywhere, but with Telehealth, you can expand your network and reach the patients in rural areas who seek medical care from home. You can use Telehealth Solutions to diagnose illnesses from home and educate patients online.


  1. Effective Remote Monitoring

Offering treatment is only half of a clinician’s job. You also have to teach patients how to take care apart from taking medication. Moreover, you have to track their health improvement status. Telehealth report’s patients’ metrics from the patient’s home, while your team can act as a coach or counselor to take patients on an improvement journey.


  1. Faster Callbacks

Telehealth’s voicemail solutions enable customers to call back at express speed and reach you for follow-ups.


  1. Cost-Cutting from Both Sides

Telehealth is a big money saver for both doctors and patients. Imagine the cost of travel, parking, taking time off work, etc. for each doctor visit. And doctor’s cost of office, paying for parking space, etc. Telehealth cuts these costs by connecting patients and doctors on the phone, laptop or other digital device.


  1. Robust Security

With doctors and patients meeting online, much private information passes through voice calls, video calls, messaging or fax. That’s why Telehealth includes a third-party security certification to ensure that all information exchanges are secure from outsiders or hackers. Telehealth is built on a strong, unbreakable risk management framework.


  1. Improves Overall Patients’ and Doctors’ Experience

Telehealth centralizes everything and everyone from all corners of the world, without compromising on security measures. Patients get required care from home. Doctors get the freedom to attend to patients without leaving their home. Both enjoy their level of care and services on a common ground. Hence, Telehealth is known for improving overall patients’ and doctors’ experience.


Growing Demand of Telehealth Now and in Future

CVS Minute Clinics reported a patient’s satisfaction score of up to 99% from Telehealth visits. So, if you are thinking that Telehealth is the solution for now only, and limited only to the pandemic era, think again. Everything is turning online running from food we eat to on-demand movies we watch. The healthcare sector is no different. Many have already adopted Telehealth Solutions to gain an edge on demands of customers to receive solutions at their fingertips.

Telehealth Solutions supports the rapid needs of doctors and patients with equally faster technology integration.

It’s time for you to join the race and be a first choice of your patient’s immediate care needs