What is the best Phone Service for a Small Business?

Choosing the right business phone system for your company may seem like a daunting task but it does not have to be that way. By learning about various kinds of phone systems for small business that are available today, you can easily find the one best suited for your own personal needs.

The main question that you need to answer for yourself is whether you want to have a traditional landline or if you would prefer to only use internet to conduct communication.

Both of these business phone systems have their own advantages and disadvantages and your decision is going to depend on your existing facilities and equipment.

On-Premise PBX System

Pros- if your company is already setup with a landline telephone connection then you can use on-premise PBX hardware (Private Branch Exchange) to connect telephone extensions to the Public Switched Telephone Network (also known as PSTN) in order to provide internal communication for your business. These landline-based systems are very reliable and have been in use for a long time, which means that there will be no unexpected problems and quirks.

Cons- There are essentially two major downsides when it comes to PBX business phone system in comparison to other phone services.

  1. They are costly to maintain and manage and requires constant updates.
  2. Lack of premium phone features. While implementing a newer version of this system called IP-PBX can solve the second downside, the high cost of maintenance means that this system is best for large corporations that can afford to have their own trained personnel.

VOIP Phone System is the best choice

Cost, features and management is what is making small businesses move toward VoIP phone systems (Voice over IP) as their main business phone system. This modern phone system for small business uses an existing internet connection to facilitate your phone services. The fact that you only need one set of wires means less overhead, lower cost, and much easier maintenance that can usually be done by just one or two skilled people within your company.

Best VoIP phone system for small business also offers features that were previously not available to smaller customers. In addition to basic features like the ability to make a phone conference, transfer, forward, and hold phone calls you can also integrate contact centers or take advantage of rich-media including data and video.

Another great advantage of VoIP phone systems for small business is the option to use cloud computing. By transferring your technology to the cloud, you delegate the responsibility for the smooth operation of your infrastructure to an outside company. This helps to save time and resources you would otherwise spend on an expensive office space, storage, and cooling costs.The best phone system for small business stays monitored 24/7 so you can fully focus on your work without having to worry about any unexpected problems.

To conclude, small businesses who wants to stay competitive in the 21st century should definitely consider using cloud-based phone systems. They are cheaper, much more capable than older PBX and can be fully managed by an outside company.

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