What Kind of VoIP Complaints Are People Looking For?

voip phone service complains

 VoIP is as popular as ever before. With hundreds of millions of residential and commercial subscriptions around the world, it’s quickly replacing the traditional telephone system. Yet the fact is that US businesses are slow to migrate to VoIP.

One of the reasons could be because of poor service. VoIP phone service providers do get complaints. And it’s often the poor VoIP providers that give the industry a bad name. Cebod Telecom is going to go through the main complaints VoIP providers typically receive and how they solve them.


Incoming Calls are Lost

 Are you suffering from incoming calls being dropped or going straight to voicemail? Then that’s usually because of your Internet connection.

VoIP relies on a strong, stable Internet connection. But the biggest reason for failure is because the VoIP phone system provider isn’t clear about how fast your connection should be.

Cebod Telecom is open and transparent about what you need to make sure your connection is fast enough to meet the specific needs of your office or company.

They do a speed test and  then discuss the bandwidth requirements. They help with choosing the right internet service package for getting the best call quality, while being able to browse on the computer, phones or download big files.  Along with this, Cebod Telecom also provide internet service at a competitive price.


Why is My Voice Echoing?

 This can be one of the most annoying parts about using VoIP. It throws off your train of thought and it leaves you wondering whether the person can hear you while you are speaking.

But this is usually due to a poor-quality phones or handset. The acoustic feedback is what causes your voice to distort or to echo.

With Cebod Telecom, you get high-quality phones that are specifically designed to avoid these things. Sometimes, adjusting  volume on the phones, takes care of the problem too.


Jittery Voices

 Voice jitter is a particular problem with VoIP packages that use connectionless voice networks. Each part of your speech is sent in a separate ‘voice package’. If they arrive at the receiver in a different order, it can lead to scrambled audio.

The answer to this is a jitter buffer or more compressed codec.  Cebod Telecom supports G.711,G.729, U-Law, A-Law codecs  to ensure crystal clear voice quality at all times.

First impressions are crucial. They take only seven seconds to create, so voice jitter could cost you new business. Make sure that your VoIP provider uses a jitter buffer.


Why is My Call Quality Declining?

 A reason why you might be experiencing declining call quality is that your internal network is improperly configured. Cebod Telecom works with you to ensure that you setup your internal network correctly. You don’t want calls and data on the same network channel.

That leads to bad call quality and a slower connection. Cebod Telecom will help you make sure that you setup your VoIP platform correctly.


You’re Not Getting the Support You Need

 When something goes wrong you don’t want to have to wait for days to resolve the problem. A lack of customer service is the most common complaint aimed at VoIP providers.

Cebod Telecom understands that 90% of Americans consider customer service when choosing a business to work with. They provide 24-hour support and always aim to resolve the problem in as little time as possible.


Make Sure You Choose Your VoIP Provider Wisely

 The most common VoIP problems can be avoided simply by working with the right VoIP provider. Do your research and make sure you’re working with a provider that has your best interests in mind.


Do you need a VoIP phone service provider who works to support you?


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