White Label or Semi White Label VoIP Solution – Add More Value to Your Business

VoIP has become preferred choice by enterprises small and big for their communication platform. The term “white label” allows an organization to sell a product or service with their own brand and logo, however the actual product or service is owned by third party.

Let’s dig in and know how you can benefit your business from white label VoIP solutions.

1. White Label Solution:

Under white label VoIP you can quote, market and sell under your brand name with little zero investment. As a White Label VoIP reseller, you have full control of your VoIP Communication system. Apart from the selling and marketing you also have the full control over your customer information.

2. Semi White Label Solution (Gray Label):

With Gray label you can sell hosted business phone service under your brand name but it will be powered and managed by Cebod Telecom. You will reap all the benefits of a white label platform without responsibility of owning one.

With Cebod Telecom you can create consistent stream of recurring income and profit margins not only by becoming an established brand managed by us but having other reseller sell your products to increase your value.

White Label Solution Business Benefits: White label VoIP also provide many benefits to your business from revenue to brand value. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Sell under your own brand
  • Build your brand value
  • Quick launch time
  • No long-term commitment
  • Admin management portal
  • Dictate your own pricing
  • Automated billing

White Label Features: Multiple features of the products always helpful for a business. It will give more freedom to create more revenue opportunities. Check below some of the important features of white label solution:

  • All-inclusive 50+ features
  • Call center module included
  • 24X7 real time monitoring
  • Free platform upgrades
  • Self-service customer portal
  • Port and order new members
  • Tier 2 technical and sales support

Gray Label or White Label: What is Right for Your Business?

Compare and Decide


Gray Label White Label
Gives full sales and technical support Handles tier 1 support and sales
Handles billing and taxation Handles billing and taxation
Handles payments and processing Responsible for payments and procession
Provide access to company documentations and marketing material Create their own marketing material
Zero to little setup cost Initial setup cost


So, are you ready to become a successful telecom brand?

Then just foot-in to MSP Expo 2022 held on 21 – 24th June in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and meet us at booth #422 to create excellent revenue opportunities with Cebod Telecom all-in-one white label solution.