Why Choose a Managed Phone System?

Managed Phone System is a private cloud telephony platform. It is deployed on a premise or colocation facility and managed in the cloud. Like the name suggests, this business phone system is fully-managed by the service provider. It is sold as a service with 24/7 monitoring and technical support and billed on a monthly rate according to their package plan.

Managed VoIP phone system places a voice system on the client’s premise much like a server. Additionally, it can be serviced by the service provider through remote access and allows for back-up system off sites and fail-over and monitors server and VoIP for failures.

Here are some more reasons for choosing a managed VoIP phone system:

1.     Cost-Effective For Growing Companies

With a managed VOIP phone system, you can set up extensions as needed without incurring extra service fees. This option is great if you hire temporary employees or contractors on a regular basis.

Furthermore, you can also use it to keep in touch with out of town work staff thereby cutting cell phone bills across the board dramatically with unified communication.

2.     Outstanding Scalability

If you want to increase and add more phone lines to your managed VoIP system, you can do it easily without having to add new LAN lines from your local telephone carrier or investing in traditional telephone equipment.

3.     No Overage Charges or Hidden Fees- Budget Stability

As mentioned above with managed phone system, users are not billed like a traditional telephone service in fact they are charged for the service according to the monthly rate of their package plan. These rates include both calling and extra features like long distance calls, call forwarding and conference calling. Since you are charged at a fixed monthly rate, it allows you to use the service without any hesitation while keeping the monthly cost lower than a traditional telephone service.

4.     Integrated Mobility

Managed business phone system offers integrated mobility so you never have to miss a call. Its call routing feature routes the call according to your device preferences. Therefore the call can be directed anywhere on your cell phone, office extension or your PC. This means even if you are not at your office, you can still receive and answer the call on your mobile on the go.

5.     Unexpected Failures are Managed Proactively

It is managed by a dedicated team that monitors your VoIP phone system issues and feature usage round the clock. It helps you improve and stay in tune over time and in the event of technical difficulties, the issues are resolved immediately without any delay so users practically face no hassle or inconvenience.

6.     On Demand Support and Training

If needed, many service providers also offer on-demand support and training not only to the system administrators but also for end users. The support staff can be reached easily by tapping a button on their phones. The support team provides immediate help on how to use it and information about different value added features of a managed