Why Every Small Business Should Have a Toll Free Number?

If your small business does not have a toll free number yet, it’s definitely time to consider adding one. There are numerous benefits to having an 800 number, and it can have a positive and long lasting impact on your business, as well as contribute to its growth.

Here are 6 great reasons why every small business should have a number that is toll free:

1.Increase Recognition and Visibility

A smart, carefully selected number can give your business and brand instant recognition. If you choose a vanity number, which means that the combination of numbers will spell out a word or brief phrase, you’ll easily increase recognition and gain visibility. It’s the same approach that businesses take when choosing a URL for their website; it should be something related to the company and brand, as well as catchy and clever. Customers will see and hear your number, and they’ll gain a more positive impression of your business. They’ll feel like your business is one that they can trust, since it’s visible and easily reached by phone.

2.Memorable Marketing Tool

A toll free number can also act as a marketing tool, making your business more memorable. You can pick a combination of numbers that will easily stick in people’s minds, and if you use extensions, they can be tied to specific marketing campaigns. This allows you to easily track the success of a particular campaign, since you will be able to see which extensions are bringing in the most calls and queries. The information that you gain

3.Gives Greater Credibility

Although technology and marketing have evolved over the years, toll free numbers still play an important role for businesses. Having a number will give your small business greater credibility. Customers will feel confident that they can get support quickly and easily when they can simply pick up the phone and call.

4.Another Way for Customers to Reach You

It’s always good to offer your customers and potential customers another way to reach out and contact your business. Many customers are online today, but there are still many people who rely on phones and prefer to communicate via the telephone. By having a toll free number, you’ll actually be expanding your reach and creating more opportunities to connect with your target market.

5.Expand Your Reach

If your small business is just starting to grow, it’s never too early to think about expanding your reach and increasing your target market. When you have an 800 number, you’ll have an easier time gaining visibility on a greater scale. You can branch out quickly, and you can create targeted campaigns for a broader regional or national audience.

A toll free number makes it simple for customers from all over to purchase your products, contact your company for more information, and get in touch with questions or concerns.

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