Why is every small business running after toll free numbers?

There are a variety of marketing tools that a number of companies are using to improve their business and one such popular way is using toll free number strategy. This is known to be a great marketing tool which is used by all reputed companies.

Why to use toll free number?

The toll free number has a very significant impact on a company and its business. It is slowly and gradually gaining great impetus in the market. A toll free number serves an easy to remember number  for customers as well as companies. The use of specific digits or vanity numbers helps to promote the brand image of the company (1-800-flowers, 1-844-BYCEBOD etc.)and also increases reliability and trustworthiness between clients and organizations.

What is a toll free number?

A toll free number is registered to the organization ID and whenever there is a call from customers, the phone line extensions helps to distribute the call and connect it to a customer service executive. These phone numbers can create miracles for the company when it joins hands with the small business companies.

Is there a big demand for toll free numbers ?

The demand of toll free numbers is gradually increasing day by day. New prefixes are everyday searched for, as various companies are adhering to them. It helps a company to be professional and  saves a lot of money for the customer as the bill is borne by the company themselves. There are few customers who actually would like to call a chargeable number.

How a toll free number helps a company to earn a good reputation?

Toll free numbers help to increase market revenue as well as draw in more customers. It helps the company to look big and be accessible from any part of the world at any time of the day using one of 800 series phone number. Calls are also always attended by a variety of customer service executives on the other side and this is what helps businesses to boost their sales.

How can a company gain customer confidence using these numbers?

Toll free numbers help in gaining customer confidence. All customers like to make deals with genuine and reliable organizations. A toll free number helps to ascertain whether the company is genuine or not. It also helps to promote and advertise their products and services. Customers can give their feedback and in turn companies can improve themselves. If a vast number of calls flow into the toll free number , all leads and customer queries can be better acknowledged and addressed with a number of  user extensions. Less wait time and answers to all questions is what helps company win customer’s confidence in them.

What are the advantages of a toll free number?

  • Human psychology tends to incline towards anything that is free and if the call is chargeable they will think twice before calling . Thus toll free calls help to draw in more customers.
  • It helps to boost customer response
  • Customers can communicate with the company on a regular basis
  • Improves the brand image, credibility, reliability of the company
  • One of the most economical market tools as well.

All small business companies are running after toll free numbers as this is one of the best marketing tools that can help increase sales as well as revenue. They help the company by drawing customers to the business and definitely increasing leads day by day.