6 reasons Why business with multiple locations should invest into VOIP

Running a business from multiple locations can quickly turn into a logistical nightmare. One such issue is telecommunications. Is that traditional phone system really delivering the service you need at an affordable price?

You may have heard of VoIP and you may be wondering what VoIP is. This is a type of communications system that uses traditional handsets but utilizes the technology of today to provide crystal clear audio and visual quality. All you need is a handset and a strong Internet connection. Remember, call quality is important to your business, so this guide is going to show you how VoIP can help you run a phone service for multiple office locations.

Get Right Calls to the Right People

 There’s nothing more annoying for a customer than calling one number only to find that they must call another number instead. If you’re using a traditional phone line, this problem is exasperated over multiple locations.

VoIP offers a type of feature like call queue, call transfer and call hunting. You may sometimes hear it referred to as line hunting. It’s a method of distributing calls from a single telephone number to the right person. In other words, your client will gain access to a specialist every time. And you’ll waste less time trying to get the right person on the phone.

These days, VoIP uses algorithms to automatically route the call to the right person. These algorithms are only becoming more accurate.

Deal with Office Closing Hours

As a business today, you’re expected to make yourself available at every hour of the day. Despite how unreasonable this is, customers demand it anyway. Did you know that 89% of businesses compete primarily on customer service, rather than any other aspect of business?

Part of this is making yourself available. Customers demand it. One way to deal with this is to take advantage of time-based routing. This means that your VoIP system will reroute calls during closing hours. They could be rerouted to an emergency phone line, such as a phone you have at home.

Alternatively, you may simply decide to use a professional voice mail greeting to explain the situation.

Reducing  Workload of Your Customer Service Department

 One of the big problems growing businesses have is they don’t have the staff to deal with customers in good time. Again, this can lead to complaints.

So, an option for all your locations is to use ring groups as part of your VoIP system. How does it work? It means that when a customer calls a number, they’re calling multiple phone lines. If someone is busy, then someone else can take the call instead.

Even work distribution across multiple office locations will lead to a better service for customers and a better work environment for your customer service team.

Present a Professional Face to Your Customers

 It takes just seven seconds for a first impression to form. Therefore, professionalism is essential when considering whether your telecommunications system is suitable for your business.

One VoIP feature you can take advantage of is the auto attendant. The auto attendant is a professional method for directing customers to where they need to be. Cebod Telecom, a VoIP providers has a variety of default options or  also allow you to create a customized voice greeting. You have full control over this feature.

Why You Will Save Money Through VoIP

 The costs of a traditional telephone system spiral every time you open a new location. Laying down a phone line is expensive. The more you grow the more you pay.

VoIP phone service offers a scalable solution that can be used across multiple locations. It can even be connected to portable handsets, home phone lines, desktops phones in different locations so you can continue to take calls even if you’re out of the office. You can continue to use the same number as before.

Revolutionize Your Telephone System Today

 If you want to operate a streamlined telecommunications system across multiple offices without the hassle, VoIP phone service has you covered.

With 50 plus features you just can’t get through traditional telephone systems, you have full control over your business. Plus, you can maintain customer service standards and ensure that your employees have a more convenient system to use.

Have you looked into installing VoIP phone service yet?