Best Business Phone Service Feature: Call Forwarding

Whenever you dream of success for your business, you can’t deny the worth of answering all the calls. A missed call is more than what you think. With a missed call, you miss a business opportunity, a customer, and some market exposure. Whether you are a greenhorn or a big gun, you can’t afford to miss all of it.

That’s why you must take appropriate measures to avoid it and ensure that every call is answered properly even if you are out of your office.

In this situation, call forwarding is pure bliss. By using this feature, businesses of all sorts can pick all the calls.

Call Forwarding – A hidden blessing.

Before we understand the worth of call forwarding, let us understand how important a call is for a business.

Almost 80% of business conversation happens on the phone.

Almost 85% of customers won’t call you back even if the call is not answered.

If a call is not answered within 90 seconds, the customer will hang up once and for all.

The above statistics show that the importance of a call for business. Hence, if you want to weave success, you must find ways to get hold of every incoming call. The call forwarding feature is what you need at this point in time.

It is a business phone service feature via which a user can switch between two different phones while calling number remains the same. All the incoming calls can be diverted to any other destination if the mainline is busy or not available to attend. The  call forwarding can be forwarded to a mobile, smartphone, desktop or landline phone number.

As using it is as easy as clapping, businesses with no special technical skills can also get benefitted from this free phone service feature. To activate this feature, you must have a VOIP phone service  from a trusted VoIP service provider. Some providers like Cebod Telecom provides this feature for free.  Once you move your phone service to them,  call forwarding is activated on all your business phone lines automatically.


Types of call forwarding 

 Based on under which condition calls will be forwarded, call forwarding is divided into the below-mentioned categories. 

Call Forwarding Always: Under this category, all the incoming calls will be forwarded to the chosen destination. Most of the businesses use this when one line is temporary out-of-order.

Call Forwarding if Busy: If the dialed line is already busy then you can forward the incoming calls to the next available line with this call forwarding option. 

Call Forwarding No Answer: This facility allows a call to get forwarded on another destination if it doesn’t get answered on the mainline.

Call Forwarding Not Reachable: If the main dialing line is not reachable, Call Forwarding Not Reachable forwards the calls on other destinations. 

Call Forwarding Selective: By using this facility, only the calls coming from certain selective numbers will be forwarded to the other destination.

All these Call Forwarding types allows a business to ensure proper and timely call answering operations without making any extra efforts.

Advantages of using call forwarding 

Call forwarding is not a mere telephony feature. It’s an ideal way to get hold of success while keeping the operational cost as low as possible. With the help of this facility, you can enjoy the best of everything. Best sales, best service, best customer supports, and best brand image. Wondering how it happens? Here is our explanation.

Call forwarding helps you to upkeep your promise of 24*7 Availability 

The very first promise that every business makes to its customers is being available around the clock. Call forwarding is the easiest way to stick by your promise no matter what are the situations. With this facility, a business can answer the calls while on the move as well.

For example, your staff has to leave the desk due to any reason; they can forward the incoming calls on their smartphones and answer them. Not only this. You can be at your customers’ service even when situations don’t permit.

Consider having heavy rainfall and roads are blocked. Half of your staff will not be able to report at the office on that day. Now, how will I manage to attend the calls with the lesser workforce?

Well, you need not worry until you have Call Forwarding activated on your main business line. By using this facility, you can transfer the calls coming on the employees’ desks to their mobile phones.

So, even if your team is not available on their desk, they are answering the customers’ call from their living room or any other remote location. Remote location working is a great bliss in many more such situations when staff is not able to report at the office.

Call Forwarding ensures that not a single factor should stop you from being at your customers’ service.

Best customer service is easy to offer 

Customers, for every kind of business, hold the highest importance as they are the one who weaves success. However, having a long list of customers is not enough. You must have a list of satisfied customers. The biggest factor that leads to customers’ dissatisfaction after poor service/quality is how to handle their calls.

If call waiting time is high or calls are not answered then a customer will be put off easily. With conditioned call forwarding, you can put stop on this as the calls will be diverted to any other available destination in your absence. This simply signifies that no call will go unattended and every customer will be happy.

Call Forwarding expands your business reach

Though the sole purpose of Call Forwarding is to ensure proper incoming call handling, it helps you expand your business indirectly. If you are a start-up looking for available opportunities in nearby oversees vicinity, you can use a VoIP phone number, forward the calls on the local business line, and have a global presence.

Using this technique, many small scale businesses were able to expand at a global level with the least possible investments. It also helps you stay away from high call incurring charges involved in long-distance calling.

You can experience a boost in your sales

When all of the above-mentioned things are happening as we have mentioned, no one can ever stop you to reach the top. With a satisfied customer, you will experience customer loyalty in no time. Similarly, offering impeccable customer support, having a global presence, and have a remote work facility without making huge investments ensure that you are keeping your operational costs as low as possible while yielding out the highest ROI. All these factors contribute towards better sales and you grow exponentially.

All of these benefits seem very impressive. Don’t they? However, you can enjoy all of them and many others only if you are availing Call Forwarding facility from the right kind of VoIP service provider. A professional VoIP service provider is the only way to get hold of the above-mentioned benefits.

Here are key considerations of buying the right Call Forwarding facility from the right VoIP service provider:

  • Make a purchase from a professional service provider

With a professional VoIP service provider, life is easy than you ever imagine. You can experience best-of-breed service at affordable costing.

Their customer service is impeccable and they are always to help you. All kinds of leading services can be availed from a single service provider. All these things ensure that you are making most of your Call Forwarding investments. So, make sure that you are buying from a professional service provider.

  • Pay attention to the cost

Budget is something you never ignore when it comes to buying something. To make sure that you are making the right purchase, try to collect quotes from multiple vendors and compare the costing.

  • Understand the offerings

As we have mentioned that earlier that Call Forwarding comes in various types, you should buy from such service provider that offers you all kind of Call Forwarding.

Who all can be benefitted with Call Forwarding?

 If you run a business and have a dedicated customer support center then you are going to be get benefitted from this feature. Regardless of the shape and size of your business, this one feature is going to make a lot of difference. However, there are some industries where direct customer dealing/interaction is higher than in other industries.

Industries like hospitality, healthcare, education e-commerce, and tourism are the best examples of such industries. Here, customer interaction is a lot and you can’t afford to miss a call. In such types of industries, Call Forwarding has a huge impact.

By using this feature, these industries can easily answer all the incoming calls and improve their customer handling process. So, don’t stay deprived of success and great customer service and start using Call Forwarding today.