Can Local Phone Number Help Your Business ?

“Think Globally and Act Locally”-Paul McCartney”

While a toll free number is important for your business, a local phone number is just as, if not more important. There are many benefits, and it will help your business to grow and expand. Whether you have a small business with a local clientele, or one that is starting to grow nationally, you can take advantage of the many features that local phone numbers offer.

Here’s how a local phone number can have a positive impact on a small business:

Expanding Beyond the Home City

Let’s use a tax firm as an example. The law firm business has been set up and established in Los Angeles, where it is operated out of an office location in the city. This office is perfect for bringing in local clientele, but the business needs to expand beyond Los Angeles in order to achieve new goals and grow profits. The law firm has a local phone number for the Los Angeles area, but in order to reach new clients in new markets across the country, they need to set up a local phone number in other cities, like New York and Boston. Since setting up physical office locations in those cities is expensive and unnecessary, the business needs a smart, affordable way to expand.

How it Works

Local phone numbers can actually be forwarded just as easily as a toll free number can. The law firm can get the new local phone numbers set up in the cities that they want to target, and then the calls will be forwarded directly to their office, which is based in Los Angeles. Now clients in those other cities will be able to take advantage of the law firm’s services, and the firm will be able to increase profits and attract new clients. When potential clients see that local number, they’ll be more inclined to consider using the law firm.

Local Number Attracts Local Clients

A business with a local number is appealing to clients from that area or region. It gives them the feeling that the business is interested in catering to their needs, and will be a suitable option for them. People like to know that they are dealing with a company that understands their target market. The law firm can just as easily serve clients from outside of Los Angeles, but those potential clients in Boston and New York would have no way to find them or even know that they exist. Having that local number in place will make it easy for people in those cities to pick up the phone and give the business a call.

Features of a Local Phone Number

A local number helps you establish your business anywhere that you want, but it also comes with other great features. Things like auto attendant, call forwarding, and recorded messages will help you improve customer relations and increase customer satisfaction. Even if a client calls after office hours, they will still be able to reach your business. You can handle calls with ease, and your employees won’t have to worry about getting overwhelmed when the phone calls start coming in.

Setting up a local phone number is a strategic, smart move for any business to make. It’s one of the most effective ways to bring in new customers and clients on a larger scale. Small businesses no longer have to be limited to their physical location. No matter where you have your business based, you can use a local phone number to bring in new opportunities and reach more markets. It’s an affordable, easy option that every business should take advantage of today.