Checklist for Choosing a Virtual PBX

Investing in a virtual PBX, or Private Branch Exchange, is a big decision that shouldn’t be taken without all the facts in place. Even though Internet based communication solution can help you connect with customers, work remotely and even run virtual offices, there are a few questions that you need to answer before you make a call.

Here are some important questions that every business owner should ask before choosing a virtual PBX.

Am I losing money on delayed communication?

It’s more important than ever for businesses to stay connected. A missed call or the time spent waiting to transfer prospective clients to the correct department can add up. Chances are that if you’re relying on people to handle your communication, you are losing money. The solution is to automate your network as much as possible with a virtual PBX.

Do I need a local number?

If your business is well known in your community, or you service a specific region, it’s best to get a number that people recognize. Make sure that the VOIP phone systems provider you choose will allow you to either retain or set up a local number.

Should I keep my existing phone number?

If you are an established business, keep your main number to avoid missed customer communications. If you are a relatively young business that hasn’t focused on using your phone number as a marketing channel, then you can think about getting a new number. Porting in number is free with Cebod Telecom virtual phone service.

Do I need separate phone service for home office, multiple office locations etc?

A virtual PBX provider will allow you to set up virtual communication networks at all your branches. This means that you can have area-specific contact numbers for regional stores, as well as a national or international number for your head office. Manage all the office phones under one invoice and central online portal and save big bucks. Connect each office with extensions to create one mega network for the best possible outcome.

Do I need a vanity number?

Your phone number can be a powerful marketing tool. Customers will remember sing-along numbers, and you can match the numbers to your service. If you sell magic 8 balls, then 888-8888888 could be a great choice as a vanity number.

Where will we be in 2 years?

Virtual PBX systems are easy to upgrade and scale. Adding new phone lines, phone extensions or adding new office location can be achieved with few clicks on the web portal or a simple phone call to Cebod Telecom.

Do I need a toll-free number?

Businesses in the service industry often must handle a large volume of calls These calls are also long, and your customers will not be happy if they’ve received bad service and then need to pay to complain about it. A toll-free number can solve this issue.

What extra features are available with virtual PBX?

Virtual PBX phone systems often include a range of advanced features such as call forwarding, conferencing, and voicemail. Adding these features will not affect your subscription cost. If needed premium features such as SMS, call park, electronic fax can be added at any given time without additional fee.

Do I need call forwarding?

Call forwarding is a service that redirects calls from one number to another, usually if the first goes unanswered. It is a powerful tool to make sure you never miss an important call, but be warned: being available 24/7 is a serious commitment that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Can I build a virtual office? Are you always on the go?

A virtual office allows you to expand your business without building a physical branch every time you want to grow. Make and receive phone calls, voicemail, and faxes on your desktop phone, cell phone or laptop. When stepping out of the office, transfer calls to cell phone or set time based routing and keep business 24/7 running.

What about remote teams?

Voip phones need only internet to work and can be managed by one online account which lets you can connect your sales teams or people working remotely. For example, sales team can be Chicago and support in Los Angeles, all working under one virtual phone system


How much will it cost to send or receive faxes?

Fax services are included in the virtual phone system package. You can choose traditional fax, fax to email or both. Faxes are stored online and can be accessed by email or printed as needed.

How can I use traditional fax machine?

Although fax is an outdated technology, it is a nice way to make customers feel secure about sending documents. If you have traditional fax, then connect it with an adapter to use with the new virtual phone service or email fax documents to inbox.

What is included in the VOIP Phone System package?

Like any business solution, virtual PBX providers often bundle solutions with all-inclusive features based on number of phone lines needed. Each package pricing differs with phone lines required and not the features. Pick an option based on your growth. Check out Plans and Pricing for more information.

How often will I have to upgrade?

Upgrade are delivered automatically without any cost to your business.

Will my team need training? Do I need to hire a technical staff?

Virtual PBX solutions are plug and play. The phones are pre-configured and you can manage all the settings of phone system on the online web portal easily. Our technical team is 24/7 available to provide support.