Cloud Phone System in a Box: The New Home for Tax Services

Cloud communication, with the rise of the internet and modern technology, is the newest trend in terms with how tax offices or any other businesses out there can communicate effectively. Through the past years, the traditional in-house phone systems have been tested and proven to be challenging and hard for most businesses to maintain.

Now, it is no longer an ordeal to maintain and make the businesses communicate much better. Cloud phone system is proving to be easy to use and powerful with all its functional features. This phone system is a platform for communications where the applications sits out right there in the cloud / remote location and is completely maintained and managed by the phone service provider.

The cloud phone system equips your tax office with all phone features to effectively meet all of the urgent needs of your clients. Faxing, sharing important documents, talking to clients about their accounting or tax queries, setting up appointment with clients in different time zones, managing multiple client accounts online are some of the challenges faced  everyday at any given tax office.The use of the managed cloud phone system, eases the pressure by being at your service 24/7 .

What are the advantages that you can get with this cloud phone system in regards with your income tax offices?

  • You get an all-inclusive phone features both basic and premium with every phone number that is purchased
  • Enhances user experience with the crystal clear custom greetings, HD voice quality as well as music on hold
  • Automatic upgrades of phone system
  • Managed and Maintained by service provider
  • We at Cebod Telecom also gives unlimited user extension that no other competitors ever offer
  • Offers free traditional, combo fax and e-fax options
  • There is no PBX obsolescence

Now, maintaining effective communication with your clients and other businesses in the industry out there is no longer a difficult and daunting task. Get features such as call forwarding, call transfer, call recording and voicemail to email using the gimmick free cloud services.

Just like what the S. Sharma Tax Inc., has accomplished using the Cebod Telecom Phone services, you can also enjoy same benefits:

  • Handle all your client calls with ease and give them the best customer service experience
  • No more worries of missing calls from your valued and potential customers
  • An increased client satisfaction by having a call recording, voicemail to email services, free unlimited calling nationwide and many more.
  • The auto attendant or virtual receptionist can make all your clients feel welcomed
  • You can add staff members without an increase in the monthly phone bills.

Our cloud phone services is crafted and bundled to meet unique needs of every  small to mid size businesses including taxes and accounting. It’s easy functionality with quick setup and all-inclusive features makes it one of the most reliable phone systems in a box.