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Phone Greetings

Choose the default business phone system greeting or customize your Office Phone with personal greetings, messages, music or information.

  •  Customize your  business auto attendant to greet the caller.
  • Upload recorded custom greetings in wav  format.
  • Choose default Cebod Telecom greeting.
  •  Create your company greeting in more than one language and set up IVR to provide several options to select from.
  • Customize office phone voicemail.


Customizable high quality professional business greetings.

Most Common Greetings Use:-

Besides setting up the auto attendant for welcoming the caller you can also:-

  • Customize to give automated office directions
  • Customize to answer some of the FAQ’s
  • Customize to announce promotions and office events
  • Customize to update your callers in Call Queue

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