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 Soft phone

Your office phone always travels with you.

Soft Phone gives you the ability to carry your office phone with you wherever your go.  Download  the app on your computer or cell phone and make/receive calls.

  • Your soft phone is always connected to your personal phone extension at office
  • Just connect to internet and let the soft phone do work for you
  • All the features that you have on your office phone are also available for you on your soft phone
  • You can log out of the soft phone to stop calls from your office phone system
  • If you have more than one extension you can log in with your unique authorization to connect to specific extensions.
  • Your soft phone can also be used for 3-way call or conference call.

Benefit of using Soft Phone:-

One major benefit of using soft phone is when  traveling, you can save lot of money by not paying expensive roaming charges or other charges on your cell phones. Soft Phone gives you flexibility and ease to connect to your business contacts when you are away.

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