Hosted VOIP Phone System

What is Hosted VoIP ?

Traditionally known as hosted PBX, hosted VoIP phone system is referred to as an internet delivered phone system offered by a host and/or a telephone service provider. A hosted Private Branch Exchange (PBX) delivers a telephone system utilizing the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technologies.

A hosted VoIP telephony system makes use of equipment that are located at the host’s exchange server premise. As a result, there is no need for the consumers to install any phone equipment. The software required to run this entire system is also managed by the host company.

Traditional telephony systems such as Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) utilize the circuit-switched telephony system. Whereas, hosted VoIP systems transmit calls over the internet utilizing packet-switched telephony. When we make a call via a hosted VoIP phone system, the call first gets routed to the offsite voice system of the host. It is then sent via the internet to the desired location for processing. Finally, the call is sent to preferred phone extension after processing.

Some of the top reasons for businesses to use hosted VoIP phone systems are

  • Phone system with a plethora of advanced features
  • Elimination of expensive purchases related to the phone system
  • No on-site hassles related to IT
  • Mobility to work from anywhere
  • No on-site maintenance requirements
  • Allows multimodal network access to the users
  • Scalable phone system for all businesses, regardless of size
  • Predictable monthly expenditure on phone systems

Hosted VOIP phone systems can be easily managed  from anywhere using a laptop or smartphone with an internet connection. It allows companies to stay connected with clients normally as if they were using a landline, and also provides many all-inclusive features such as SMS, internet fax, fax to email, call park, IVR, auto attendant, time based routing, roll over calls, shared calls, local phone numbers. Cebod Telecom also offers free trial, free number porting and free business phone system with their crystal clear VOIP phone service

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