How to Effectively Transition Your Business Communication to Home?

The current state of coronavirus is forcing companies and their employees to work from home. The day when your employees get ready to work at home in their loose trousers and t-shirts is near – something that is giving the creeps to business owners.

Businesses started to discover that working remotely is not as easy as it sounds. Employees are used to working in an office environment. When they have questions, they run to their mentors for an immediate solution. When the marketing executives are on the edge of selling products, they need a last piece of advice to seal the deal. All this takes minutes to implement in a physical location. When it comes to remote locations, it takes ages to answer queries leading to businesses risking to lose the customers forever.

Not mentioning the fact that customers hate to wait for long so instead, they turn to competitors offering immediate solutions.

To put your remote-work worries at rest, we found some tools that help you and your employees stay connected and productive no matter where they hang around.

Here are some tips and tools to set your remote-workspace up for success:

 Stay Connected 24/7 with Cebod Telecom’s Mobile App

 Cebod Telecom’s mobile app allows you to make and receive calls using your business number. Looking at your varying choices of data-connected devices, Cebod  Telecom offers apps for Android, Apple, desktop, and laptop. That means you can connect with your colleagues and customers from your on-hand devices and vice versa. Screen-sharing meetings become a piece of cake with Cebod Telcom’s uninterrupted apps. Our apps enable you to keep a keen eye on your employees and their work.

 Build a Virtual Office with Remote Features

 So, what if you don’t have a physical office to roam around? You can build a virtual office and virtually pat anyone’s back for their achievements. Cebod  Telecom lets you copy your business phone features in your home phone or smartphone from where you can call employees and inquire about their progress – an experience similar to a physical office.

Quickly Forward Your Business Numbers with Call Forwarding Feature

If you are required to shut down the entire office on a moment’s notice, you need to forward all your business numbers to your mobile or home phone. With call forwarding feature, it takes seconds to forward business numbers and enjoy seamless communication with customers from home.

If you are not comfortable with forwarding business numbers, you can simply take your Cebod Telecom phone at home, plug it in the switch, and continue your business at home the same way.

 Ring Multiple Numbers at a Time or in a Sequence

Want to talk to a group or a team? Cebod Telecom’s phone allows you to ring multiple numbers at a time or in a sequence to continue your urgent discussion or give further guidance to your employees. No matter whether the receivers are available on a smartphone, desk phone or any other device, our phone connects with anyone at any time from any corner of the world.

Cebod Telecom is keeping track of the situation and guidance given by the WHO and the Centre for Disease Control. Our plans always stay ahead to help you stay in the loop, keep increasing customers, and enjoy a productive environment regardless of your workplace location.