Is SIP Trunking useful for me ?

As telecommunications technology advances, so too should your business’s communications infrastructure. VOIP offers you the best at an exceptionally low price. Extend your telecommunications infrastructure beyond the capacity of what traditional telephone systems are capable of providing. Enhance your customer’s experience, streamline your office multi-media communications operations, and reduce your operating costs by SIP Trunking through VOIP.


What Is SIP Trunking?

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunking is using VOIP to support the connection of your business’s telephone for both inbound and outbound calls.  In other words, it uses your internet to transmit telephone calls  – thus extending your office’s VOIP capability beyond its firewall. With it, you can handle all your multi-media and communications needs. SIP Trunks can perform various enhanced communications tasks that would otherwise be too costly through a traditional system.

Use it to send instant messages to both mobile and fixed line telecom users, hold multimedia conferences, display user presence information, as well as enhance 911 emergency calls. All of these features are delivered to you in real time, and that is what makes SIP Trunking important.

SIP Trunking is an efficient tool that replaces your office’s conventional telephone trunk line with the faster, more versatile infrastructure of the internet – optimizing user experience and enhancing your business.


Do I need it?

To sum up why your business needs SIP Trunking, we’ll use one word: simplify. Replacing your traditional telecommunications trunk with SIP is a big step in simplifying your organization’s telecommunications, preparing you for real time communications enhancements. Most importantly, SIP Trunking is an easy, cost effective measure to save your company money. The cost savings are substantial. With SIP Trunking you can:

  • Save money on long distance service- When comparing the cost savings of using a traditional telephone trunk to that of an SIP, long distance service costs less with SIP.
  • Remove the need for IP-PSTN gateways, or (in some cases) your entire PBX- SIPs connect directly to your internet service provider. There is no need to access your traditional telephone network, and you can get rid of IP-PSTN gateways. Thus, saving money because it eliminates the need to pay for the gateway’s costs and complexity. If your internet service provider is capable, it can even host your PBX for you – removing the need for you to purchase the PBX hardware necessary for your telecommunications infrastructure and user administration.
  • Streamline your network into a single IP based network instead of having multiple data and telephone networks- Reducing the complexity of your telephone network is a no-brainer when it comes to cost savings. There are less administrative costs to operating your system, reduced maintenance and upgrade fees, and it transforms your telecommunications into a lighter, more effective system that enhances your business’s ability to operate effectively.
  • Eliminates subscription fees- With a traditional telephone trunk, you will often pay subscription fees for BRIs and PRIs. Using a SIP Trunk eliminates these unnecessary costs, and you don’t need to purchase costly line packages. Only purchase the bandwidth you need.
  • Enhance your office communications infrastructure- By using a SIP Trunk, you give your office communication infrastructure a boost in its capabilities to more effectively serve your business and the needs of your customers, and as internet service providers upgrade their networks, you will reap the benefits with little to know cost – making your communications capabilities nimbler and much more affordable.


With SIP Trunking, everything is easier. Upgrade your business organization’s telecommunications infrastructure and start saving money by deploying a SIP Trunk today.