10 VoIP phone features most essential for small business

For many businesses, the importance of keeping up constant communication via the phone has become more noticeable than ever. People from all across the globe are now using  modes of telecommunications to stay connected with as many clients as possible – the problem is that this is very expensive  for most small to mid size businesses.  Phone bills, management, and electricity costs are all soaring and this makes it impossible for a business with only reasonable financial clout to put it all together and themselves in a strong position financially.

Instead, the modern solution like VoIP phone system is here to take off the financial burden and help companies to succeed.

The voice over technology (VOIP) phone systems can be easily managed from a smartphone or PC desk with an internet connection. It allows companies to stay connected with clients normally as if they were using a landline, and also provides many all-inclusive features such as;

1. Auto Attendant

Do you feel like you need someone to man the phones all the time? Then VoIP can do this for you – you can easily set up an auto attendant receptionist redirecting the caller to the specific department needed.For example, “To speak to our sales team, press 3”, ensuring that nobody gets caught up speaking to the wrong person or agent.

2. Custom Greeting

Likewise, you can arrange a professional sounding greeting so that every time a caller phones up they can be greeted with specific greeting especially designed to meet your customers.

3. Music on Hold

Want to have the old classic music playing whilst people are on hold and waiting to get through? Then VoIP allows you to do this, too. It’s easier to get people to wait around to speak to your team, if they have something pleasant to listen to rather than a beep or silence!

4. Time Based Routing

Use the phone system during the day and at night. Route calls to various locations based on time – if you have an office location that is open until later than the rest, the calls can be routed to this office after X time which avoids missing out any of your important clients.

5. Toll Free or Local Phone Numbers

You can set up both toll free and local number, which gives a lot of versatility in making customers decide to call you up.

6. Call Transfer

Got a call coming through that need more information? Transfer calls to a more experienced or specific member of staff with just a few clicks.

7. Do Not Disturb

Busy at the moment and need to keep yourself free? Then you can make sure that all calls are rejected, allowing you to get a bit of peace and quiet from the phone ringing! A very useful feature during conferences, meetings and lunch time.

8. Call Queue

Have you got too many people wanting to talk your ear off? Then set up a queue so that no caller is left unattended! Distribute the incoming call traffic and attend all your clients in the order received.

9. Incoming Fax to Email

VOIP enables your local and toll free numbers to receive and forward faxes directly to your email in-box in a PDF format. It lets you access fax through email on the go on your smart phone.

10. Follow Me

Follow me refers to the ability to be always approachable by the customers. Receive calls on preferred number when away from the office phone or extension. When the call comes in, it’s redirected to ring on the given preferred number, without letting the caller know whether you are in the office or have stepped out.


Along with the above-mentioned features, VoIP phones comes with other basic Business PBX features, Call Routing and Call Management. These features mostly are provided free or with minimal cost from the phone service provider.

 If you are looking for a cost-effective and reliable way to stay connected with your valuable clients, VOIP is the way to get started. Do you agree with it?